Donald Trump and Melania Trump placing hands over hearts in front of the Pentagon (© AP Images)

The president on the 9/11 anniversary: Our values endure

President Donald J. Trump made remarks at a Pentagon memorial September 11 in observance of the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the U.S.
Illustration of shipping crate, trucks, laptops, tent and other equipment (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

In Iraq, mobile police stations protect areas liberated from ISIS

In parts of Iraq liberated from ISIS, law enforcement has a new way to get up and running quickly: mobile police stations, or "police in a box."
Two women standing in front of hand-painted protest signs ( (© Laurent Dubrule /Reuters)

The secret weapon against violent extremism: Women

See how some mothers in Belgium, Afghanistan and Kenya are playing a big part in preventing their children from being radicalized to violence.
Soldiers walking away from a helicopter (Sgt. Lucas Hopkins/USMC)

President Trump lays out new strategy for Afghanistan

President Trump and Secretary Tillerson made August 21 remarks about U.S. engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia. Here are shareable quotes.
Military jets in silhouette (© AP Images)

Accelerating the campaign to annihilate ISIS

Progress in driving ISIS from territory it seized in Iraq and Syria has dramatically accelerated under the Trump administration.
Two men talking (© AP Images)

U.S. steps up campaign to combat criminal gangs

President Trump vows the U.S. will “dismantle, decimate and eradicate” violent criminal gangs, and Attorney General Sessions thanks El Salvador for help.
Man carrying books in front of war-damaged buildings (© Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP/Getty)

Rebuilding Mosul University library, one book at a time

Americans are donating books in a global effort led by blogger Mosul Eye to rebuild the University of Mosul's library, which was destroyed by ISIS.
Man painting Urdu words on a wall (© AP Images)

Combating violence with art or apps

An art program, an online forum and a crime-fighting app are three ways emerging young leaders are strengthening their communities.
Bas-relief in palace of Assurnasirpal II (© DeAgostini/Getty Images)

In ancient cities reclaimed from ISIS, restoration work begins

As ISIS is driven back from its conquests, restoring the damage to cultural sites and treasures from antiquity will be a major challenge.