Four children smiling, waving flags (© Muhammet Kasim/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

U.S. in Iraq helps ensure enduring defeat of ISIS

The U.S. is committed to ensuring the enduring defeat of ISIS and supporting Iraq. Learn more about the two nations' successful partnership.
Crowd in front of building next to large burning image of man (© Vahid Salemi/AP Images)

Diplomat’s arrest shows Iranian regime again trampling law

International law requires host countries to protect diplomats. Learn more about how the Iranian regime treats visiting foreign officials.

Syria still needs your help

The scope of crisis in Syria — with nearly 4 million refugees outside its borders and 12.2 million inside the country — demands the world’s attention.
Men in camouflage uniforms carrying yellow flags (© Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty Images)

European nations crack down on Iran-backed Hizballah

European nations are bolstering restrictions on Hizballah. Learn more about how countries are countering the Iran-backed terrorist organization.
Refugee girls posing (@REFGotTalent/Twitter)

‘Life continues’ — Syrian refugees rock talent contest

They have been practicing their moves in Arbat refugee camp in Iraq for this one moment: a shot at fun and stardom in a show called “Refugees Got Talent.”
Supreme Leader of Iran Ali Khamenei at microphone

Learn the truth about Iranian disinformation [video]

Learn the truth surrounding the Iranian regime's latest disinformation campaign. The United States is setting the record straight.
Woman sitting on front stoop holding a framed picture (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

Descendants of Holocaust survivors make an impact at State Department

January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Hear from some descendants of Holocaust survivors who are State Department employees.
Man holding weapon in front of flag (State Dept.)

Why the U.N. must extend the Iran arms embargo [video]

The U.N. arms embargo on Iran expires in October. See why this restriction on the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism must be extended.
Guns and money changing hands in Iraq (© AP Images)

Degrading and defeating Daesh from the battlefield to the bank

Daesh’s military infrastructure isn’t the only target of the global coalition assembled against it. The terror group’s finances are a target, too. “As part of...