Rocky Sickmann standing in front of row of flags

Voices of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis [video]

Americans who were held hostage in Iran describe their ordeal of 1979 when the Iranian regime used them as bargaining chips.
Nuclear facility (© Hamid Foroutan/ISNA/AP Images)

Iranian regime’s latest nuclear extortion

In a break with its commitment to the international community, Iran exceeds its uranium stockpile limit, using its nuclear program for extortion.

Gains against Daesh

At a meeting of Counter-ISIL Coalition members in London on January 22, Secretary of State John Kerry said international efforts at degrading Islamic State...
Aerial view of oil tanker unloading oil at port (© China Stringer Network/Reuters)

U.S. sanctions Chinese firm for buying Iranian oil

The latest application of U.S. sanctions shows the Trump administration's intent to enforce restrictions against Iran's regime.
Graphic showing classical building with pillars (State Dept.)

How U.S. caught Iran’s Central Bank funneling money to Hezbollah [infographic]

Iran funnels money for terrorism from the Quds Force through the Central Bank of Iran and a bank with ties to Hezbollah. Learn what the U.S. discovered.

A White House meeting to keep communities safe

Government officials and representatives from nongovernmental organizations from around the world will gather at the White House February 18 and 19. Their task: devise...
Man standing next to a large portrait of himself (U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Americans mark Holocaust Remembrance Day

Americans honor the victims of Nazism during Holocaust Remembrance Day in April through events in schools, workplaces, military bases, religious organizations and civic centers.
Residents try to find artifacts at the Mosque of the Prophet Younis in Mosul, Iraq after being destroyed by ISIL

ISIL’s cultural destruction is ‘stealing the souls of millions’

The Mosque of the Prophet Younis, which housed the Tomb of Jonah, was 2800 years old. The terrorist group known as ISIL destroyed it in...
Man in military uniform holding gun leading line of men approaching door on ship (U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Tamara Vaughn) 

U.S. Africa Command helps partners address security, COVID-19

U.S. Africa Command is supporting African nations in countering extremist groups and fighting COVID-19. Learn about AFRICOM's many partnerships.