Five actions the global coalition takes against Daesh

The Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, announced by President Obama in September 2014, uses multiple lines of effort to defeat Daesh.
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ISIS’ reign of terror ends in Raqqa. Fight to destroy ISIS...

The rout of Islamic State forces continues across Iraq and Syria, where Raqqa, the city the extremists called their capital, is free from ISIS brutality.

International group takes aim at Daesh funding

Money is about to become more scarce for Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) terrorists, thanks to the international Counter-ISIL Finance Group.
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U.S. targets Iranian regime’s global cyberattacks

Hackers working for the Iranian regime have targeted entities worldwide, stealing information and monitoring Iranian citizens.
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How can a phone number stop a terrorist?

The United States is part of an international effort to keep people safe from returning terrorist fighters by sharing information such as fingerprints and phone numbers.


Global youth leaders met with President Obama in New York to address the causes of extremism and to develop an action plan to combat worldwide violence.
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Backing women’s empowerment through ‘Warsaw Process’

Adviser to the President Ivanka Trump is urging an international working group to prioritize women's rights as part of efforts to improve Mideast security.

Daesh weakened in Iraq and Syria by global coalition efforts

Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) is on the defensive, and Operation Inherent Resolve airstrikes continue to inflict casualties on terrorists in Iraq and Syria.
Icons showing who could be sanctioned and consequences of being sanctioned (State Dept.)

Impact of latest U.S. sanctions against Iran [infographic]

Learn more about the new U.S. sanctions against several Iranians for their involvement with Iran's nuclear proliferation program.