Obama speaks to U.N General Assemblyvideo

Obama tells world leaders – ‘We choose hope over fear’

In an address to the annual meeting of the U.N. General Assembly, President Obama linked the challenges of aggression in Europe, terrorist brutality in...

Global coalition airstrikes take toll on Daesh military capabilities

Daily airstrikes by the global anti-Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) coalition, through Operation Inherent Resolve, continue to wither the terror group’s arsenal in Iraq and Syria.
Pompeo sitting at desk talking (© Johannes Eisele/AFP/Getty Images)

Partnership or extortion? U.S. vs. Iranian models for the Middle East

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells the U.N. Security Council how the U.S. works with other countries to pursue Middle East peace while Iran uses violence.

Who can counter violent extremism? You can.

“Too often, we approach youth as the passive recipients of campaigns to counter violent extremism, rather than active participants in shaping their strategy and spearheading their implementation.” — Ambassador Power

Kerry: Daesh is assaulting Iraqi and Syrian heritage

Daesh’s destruction of ancient treasures at Nimrud in Iraq is “an assault on the heritage of the Iraqi and Syrian people by an organization...
Illustration of arm with flexed muscle topped by buildings (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Is your city a ‘Strong City’?

Cities across the globe should help each other make use of the tools available to protect their citizens, Secretary of State John Kerry says.
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The sanctions countdown clock is ticking

U.S. sanctions suspended under the Iran nuclear deal return November 4. President Trump promises "severe consequences" for countries who fail to comply.

‘Daesh is stealing your antiquities’

Artifacts stolen by Daesh terrorists are back in Iraq where they belong.
Illustration of terrorist draining large bag of money, leaving none for others (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

As Iranians suffer, the regime funds terror

Iran's regime spends billions of dollars supporting terrorism abroad while the Iranian people face a weakening economy and struggle to buy groceries.