Man driving utility vehicle toward industrial structures and smokestack (© Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg/Getty Images)

A promising approach boosts oil production — cleanly

It may be counterintuitive, but a new law could make fossil fuel companies leaders in kicking carbon capture into the mainstream — and helping the environment.

Zero Emissions Day? It’s every day at these houses.

On September 21, the world seeks to minimize use of fossil fuels on Zero Emissions Day — not a problem for these homes built for the Solar Decathlon.
Woman in face mask walking in smog in front of buildings (© Andy Wong/AP Images)

China’s air pollution harms its citizens and the world

China is the world leader in mercury and greenhouse gas emissions, posing significant risks to China's citizens and the environment.
Illegal logging in Burma (© AP Images)

Tree DNA ‘fingerprinting’ fights rampant illegal logging

DNA "fingerprinting" has allowed timber companies to use the latest genetic technology to ensure that lumber has been legally harvested.

The world needs your help fighting climate change

The upcoming climate-change negotiations won’t be enough to combat the biggest threat to future generations. The world's relying on people like you to help.
Two manatees underwater (NOAA)

Whiskery manatees make a comeback in Florida

Thanks to regulations that restrict waterfront development and reduce the speed of boaters, manatee populations are starting to flourish in Florida.
Clownfish in coral (Wikimedia Commons)

Saving Nemo and the other creatures of the ocean

Clownfish, just like the star of “Finding Nemo,” may soon be listed as endangered because of the environmental damage being inflicted on our oceans.
Man walking among rooftop solar panels (© AP Images)

Solar power bolstered by $1 billion World Bank loan

The World Bank has signed an agreement with the International Solar Alliance to boost solar energy in developing countries.
Young girls in school uniforms holding large seeds (Courtesy of Patricia Kombo)

These women are creating climate solutions

These four women are helping to conserve the environment and find climate crisis solutions in their communities around the world.