People releasing smoke in the colors of the rainbow (© Mikheil Meparishvili/Equality Movement)

9 ways USAID strengthens democracy [photo gallery]

See USAID in action through these award-winning photos of programs in Georgia, Serbia, Ukraine, Jordan, Iraq, Mongolia and Jamaica.
Heat map of the Earth (NASA)

Climate change is speeding up. Watch the planet’s temperature rise. [video]

This time-lapse map makes it clear that our planet is rapidly getting warmer. Nine of the Earth’s warmest years since 1880 have occurred after...
People walking on roof, one carrying solar panel (© AP Images)

It’s a new era: U.S. renewables outpacing fossil fuels

Electricity drawn from renewable sources, like solar and wind, is becoming an increasingly popular power source in the U.S. and is expected to grow.

‘Goodbye, carbon,’ say G7 nations

Leaders of the world's top industrial nations say the world must go carbon-free if growth and prosperity are to continue.
Low angle of vehicle passing sunflowers on side of road (© Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

The latest buzz about U.S. roads

Diseases, pesticides and habitat loss threaten wild pollinators like bees. Learn how a new U.S. grant program aims to reverse that trend.

Fewer butterflies making epic journey

Flocks of monarch butterflies migrate across North America in one of nature’s most epic journeys. Today, the monarch is under threat. Can it be saved?
Group of men posing for photo on stage (State Dept./Ron Przysucha)

Pompeo touts Lower Mekong Initiative

As a part of his trip to Asia, Secretary Pompeo renewed the U.S. commitment to an initiative that helps five countries along the Mekong River.
Man wearing soccer uniform falling backward into water (Courtesy of Adidas)

Soccer teams take the field wearing ocean trash

What can be done about ocean trash? We can turn it into clothing, for starters. See how these soccer teams take recycling to a new level.
Aerial view of Mekong River (© Soe Zeya Tun/Mekong River Diplomacy/Reuters)

Helping Southeast Asian nations monitor Mekong water levels

A new U.S. Mekong Dam Monitor will help countries in Southeast Asia better track conditions along the vital Mekong River.