Leopard cubs playing on carpet (© AP Images)

Zoohackathon spots ways to fight wildlife trafficking

Teams from Sydney to Seattle to London had 48 hours to open up laptops and tackle wildlife trafficking at the world's first Zoohackathon.
President Obama speaking at podium in front of mountains and trees at Yosemite National Park (© AP Images)

‘Protect our parks, and protect this planet for generations’

While visiting Yosemite to celebrate the National Park Service's 100th anniversary, President Obama asked people to protect our parks and our future.

Companies plug in to networks and push clean energy

Clean-energy coalitions have finally arrived, as governments, businesses and other stakeholders unite to stop global warming.
Rows of whirling wind turbines on hills (© AP Images)

This is where the world will get its electricity in 2040

The worldwide mix of fuels used to generate electricity is shifting, with a greater reliance on renewable energy sources and natural gas.
Driverless shuttle (© AP Images)

Las Vegas and Paris experiment with driverless cars

More cities across the world are experimenting with driverless vehicles on public streets. Las Vegas and Paris plan to deploy some later in 2017.
Alyssum Pohl paddling in the Mississippi River with St. Louis Arch in the background (Leanne Davis)

This kayaker makes the Mississippi her own science lab

A scientist and novice kayaker paddled more than 3,700 kilometers to test for plastic particles in Mississippi River water. Here's what she found.

The ocean is rising. What can you do?

In many U.S. coastal towns, sea level rise caused by climate change is happening right now. Scientists are looking at ways to protect seaside communities.
Cardboard recycling cutout on grass (Shutterstock)

A quest to make packaging Earth-friendly

Industrial engineer Paul Tasner creates biodegradable packaging that would offer the same quality as its plastic counterparts.
Jupiter and three moons (© AP Images)

Let NASA know what you want to see on Jupiter

NASA is seeking suggestions for what its solar-powered spacecraft should photograph on Jupiter. Visit JunoCam's website to participate in the mission.