Dolphins swimming among a school of sardines in the ocean (© Getty Images/Dmitry Miroshnikov)

Our Ocean 2016

Join world leaders as they discuss ways to protect our ocean for the future of the world during the #OurOcean conference.
Looking up side of skyscraper (Courtesy of SHoP Architects PC)

Future skyscrapers might be made of wood

Recent innovations in timber technology, especially “cross-laminated” timber, could change the way tomorrow’s skyscrapers are built.

California drought inspires innovative approaches

As drought in California continues into a fourth year, the water shortage is driving farmers and residents to adopt efficient technologies and practices.

More heat, less ice, and other things you should know about...

The news from the Arctic: It's getting warmer faster than most other places on the Earth. Arctic melting leads to ... more Arctic melting.

Cities as policy labs: L.A. cleans up its smog

With the largest fleet of natural gas buses in the U.S. — about 2,200 — Los Angeles has become a leader in cutting carbon emissions.
Apple growing on tree with skyscraper in background (© AP Images)

Urban farming: The green answer to city growth?

Pockets of urban land and city rooftops don't need to remain dormant or unkempt. An urban farm or garden can help the environment and beautify the area.

Solar energy powers new opportunities in Rwanda

Gigawatt Global's energy production doesn't stop at improving the environment; the company created an education program for orphans in a nearby village.

Taking the profit out of wildlife trafficking

The world’s law enforcement agencies are cooperating to take down the criminals who profit from the deaths of endangered species. There’s no time to lose.
Wind turbines silhouetted by sun (AP Images)

Communities win with renewable energy

Americans love to compete. It might be baseball, or basketball power? Beginning in 2013, a number of U.S. cities stepped up to the...