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How to stop ocean warming

The ocean has absorbed 93 percent of the heat from global warming since the 1970s, scientists conclude in a new report that calls for worldwide action.

Your food’s dirty little secret

Soil is the foundation for life on Earth, but more often than not it gets treated like dirt. Ninety-five percent of our food comes from...
School of fish swimming in ocean (© Arterra Picture Library/Alamy)

Nations band together to conserve fish in central Arctic Ocean

A 16-year moratorium on commercial fishing in the central Arctic Ocean is one tool to protect the Arctic and its resources.
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Countries approve first-ever limits on airline emissions

If the airline industry were a country, it would be the world's seventh-largest carbon polluter. New rules set limits on increases in aircraft emissions.
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Love the ocean? The world needs your story at #1KOceanActions

What do you do to help protect our ocean? Whether it's cleaning up a beach, helping collect data, or campaigning, share your story at #1KOceanActions.

Start small to tackle the biggest climate problems

Real progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing climate change will first come from cities, states, businesses and colleges.
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Would you wear fish slime?

You may be surprised to learn the sources of new fabrics that researchers are using to make the next generation of outerwear.
Rows of air conditioners attached to exterior walls (Flickr/Niall Kennedy)

What cool climate project could be worth 1,500 power plants?

China, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia and the United States launch the Advanced Cooling Challenge to crank up a new era of air conditioning.
Giant clam (AP Images)

This clam can change the future of energy

Could the giant clam's colorful lips hold the key to renewable energy? At 200 kilograms, and with life spans exceeding a century, these magnificent...