Worker kneeling and welding inside large steel tube (Shutterstock)

Could a steel mill yield clean fuel for cars?

A new way to make money and help the environment is the circular economy. This process involves reusing materials to prevent waste from reaching landfills.

Once smog-shrouded, LA has improved its air quality

Over the past few decades, Los Angeles has learned techniques to improve air quality that could benefit other major cities around the world.

When President Obama shared lunch with a grizzly bear

President Obama appeared on the TV show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls," where he encountered glaciers melting due to climate change and a wild bear.

A country lowers its energy bill

In the last decade, U.S. energy production grew 24 percent while energy consumption steadily declined.
Solar house on a sunny day (Courtesy University of Puerto Rico)

You can’t build a green home without a green architect

Shane Gring had a degree in architecture and a certificate in green homebuilding. He saw growing demand for energy-efficient homes. And he knew that...
Spanish-style buildings facing basketball court (Guardtop LLC)

U.S. is on the road to solving an urban environmental problem

Los Angeles and other U.S. cities are covering their asphalt roads with a coating that prevents the blacktop from absorbing and radiating the sun's heat.

Kerry on climate: ‘We have to get this right’

It is not too late to curb the greenhouse emissions that are causing climate change, says Secretary Kerry, and an effective agreement is within reach.
alligator crossing road, tourists in background

Protect a park. Save the planet.

President Obama wants to protect landscapes and people from the consequences of climate change. He'll do that by preserving natural spaces.
Yellow urchins clinging to coral in dark water (© AP Images)

Obama creates 1st marine national monument in Atlantic

The new national monument will preserve nearly 13,000 square kilometers of marine area from fishing, drilling and mining in an effort to protect #OurOcean.