Barack Obama, right, listening to Narendra Modi in the Oval Office of the White House (© AP Images)

Obama and Modi: Partners in climate

Since their meeting in 2014, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Obama have partnered on clean energy, climate and more.

Can sister cities Chicago, New Delhi clear the air?

Sister cities Chicago and New Delhi have air pollution in common, and both are finding ways to improve the situation for better health — and jobs.
Artist's rendition of solar roadway, with lights glowing in foreground panels (Courtesy of Solar Roadways)

Is it sunrise for solar highways? [video]

Solar roadways are coming to the U.S. as pilot projects. The tiles that create the roads act as solar panels but can also solve other environmental issues.

5 takeaways from the latest climate data [video]

Despite day-to-day weather fluctuations, the effects of climate change are becoming more clear. Learn why you should be concerned and what you can do.
Woman touching digital map (Shutterstock)

City transit systems look to the future

Several U.S. cities are leveraging technology to reduce traffic's effect on climate change. Look at the winner of the "Smart City Challenge."
Wildflowers on mountainside (NPS/James Pfeiffenberger)

Five national parks to visit virtually

Can't travel to these five national parks right now? Through a National Park Service partnership with Google, anyone can enjoy nature from their home.
Infographic about U.S. greenhouse gas emissions and economic growth (© Jim Cole/AP Images)

U.S. relies on innovation to reduce emissions

The U.S. is formally withdrawing from an international climate accord but will reduce emissions through innovation without compromising economic growth.

Kerry: A global agreement is necessary to address climate change

Climate change poses one of the greatest threats now facing humanity, and no global climate agreement alone is going to stop it, U.S. Secretary...
Illustration of animals in forest (State Dept./Illustration by Phil Parks)

Help the world’s most trafficked wildlife with a little wall space

Some of the world’s most amazing animals are on the brink of extinction. Get tips on how to help save tigers, elephants, pangolins and other wildlife.