Washington DC skyline in autumn

U.S. cities star in energy ratings

Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, California, and Atlanta, Georgia, are three very different U.S. cities, but they are all top Energy Star cities.

Check out these 3 innovative solutions from young energy companies

New approaches to harvesting energy are taking shape. Three ingenious projects give you a taste of what the energy future might look like. The sky...

Green diplomacy: Racing to plant a forest

Running a 10-kilometer race will burn calories and improve your health. Beyond those benefits, an annual footrace contributes to reforestation and erosion prevention in...
Bill Gates (© AP Images)

Global fund stakes $1 billion on clean energy

Bill Gates and 20 of the world's top entrepreneurs have a plan for investing in great ideas. They aim to revolutionize the clean energy sector.

Cities as policy labs: L.A. cleans up its smog

With the largest fleet of natural gas buses in the U.S. — about 2,200 — Los Angeles has become a leader in cutting carbon emissions.

With billions to feed, sustainable agriculture is not a luxury

The challenge facing farmers and the food industry is to feed the 9 billion people expected in 2050 while preserving the environment and climate.

Kerry on climate: ‘We have to get this right’

It is not too late to curb the greenhouse emissions that are causing climate change, says Secretary Kerry, and an effective agreement is within reach.
Illustration of sun in corked jar (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

5 myths about solar energy

What's stopping you from using solar energy? Get the facts straight and make myths about solar energy a thing of the past.
Illegal logging in Burma (© AP Images)

Tree DNA ‘fingerprinting’ fights rampant illegal logging

DNA "fingerprinting" has allowed timber companies to use the latest genetic technology to ensure that lumber has been legally harvested.