Rio 2016 Olympic gold medal on ribbon (© AP Images)

You’ll never guess what’s in these stunning Olympic medals [video]

Athletes from around the world will be vying for Olympic and Paralympic medals during this year's games in Rio. But these medals have some special details.
Colorful demonstration

The key to solving climate change may be in your hometown

In the U.S., change and innovation often occur at the local level; cities and localities have been at the forefront of efforts to address climate change.
Xi Jinping and President Obama walking between rows of columns (© AP Images)

Presidents Obama, Xi forge ahead on climate

Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping have agreed to join the Paris agreement as early as possible this year and work on significant climate change actions.
Electronic waste (© AP Images)

Could these end up in Tokyo’s Olympic medals?

The 5,000 medals of the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics will feature metals — including 40 kilograms of gold — reclaimed from discarded electronic devices.
Jellyfish made of plastic trash (Courtesy of Smithsonian’s National Zoo)

Turning trash into art to save the ocean

Angela Haseltine Pozzi hopes her sculptures made from plastic trash will inspire people to think more about how they can help protect the ocean.
Our Ocean fish infographic of fork, knife and plate depicting the world (State Dept.)

Our ocean feeds the world

Fisheries face challenges that could mean the loss of food and jobs for billions. World leaders will meet at the Our Ocean conference, September 15–16.
Silhouette of pedestrian walking past smokestacks emitting white smoke into blue sky (© Francois Mori/AP Images)

These countries’ commitments will help our climate

Ahead of COP26 in November, countries around the world are making new pledges to reduce greenhouse gases or updating old ones.
Clownfish in coral reef (© Richard Whitcombe/Shutterstock)

What are marine protected areas, and why should you care?

Healthy marine protected areas safeguard the well-being of people by providing food, medicines and sheer beauty.
Power plant smokestacks emitting carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (Shutterstock)

Castles in the air? Carbon dioxide could produce building materials.

A new technique that takes CO2 emissions generated by factories and cars could create new material for buildings, aircraft and athletic equipment.