Gloved hand lifting vial from box of them (© Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images)

Vaccines save lives

Vaccines against infectious diseases save millions of lives. See how U.S. innovators are contributing to global efforts to stop COVID-19 and other diseases.
Person in protective gear giving vaccine to woman (© Vincent Thian/AP Images)

U.S. COVID-19 vaccine donations boost immunizations worldwide

U.S.-donated vaccines are helping governments protect citizens from COVID-19. Learn more about America's campaign to vaccinate the world.
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Modified mosquitoes may eliminate malaria

Scientists are able to fight malaria by genetically modifying the disease's carrier, mosquitoes.
Men in front of plane inspecting pallet of boxes containing vaccines (National Task Force Against COVID19/AP Images)

U.S. and ASEAN: Partnering against COVID-19

The United States has provided more than 20 million vaccine doses and nearly $160 million in aid to help ASEAN fight COVID-19.
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U.S. vaccine donations top 110 million doses

The U.S. has donated more than 110 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to countries all over the world, with many more doses shipping soon.
Officials posing with COVID-19 vaccine boxes on tarmac (U.S. Government)

U.S. delivery boosts COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Laos

A U.S. donation of more than 1 million vaccines is helping Laos fight COVID-19. Learn more about America's global vaccination effort.
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Partners bolster Africa’s fight against COVID-19 and poverty

U.S. and European partners are investing $80 billion in development financing to help Africa's economic recovery from COVID-19.
Men unloading boxes from plane (U.S. Government)

U.S. sends COVID-19 vaccines worldwide [July 2021]

The United States is donating billions in COVID-19 vaccine doses, funding for COVAX and medical supplies to countries all over the world.
Illustration of bottle of COVID-19 vaccine and mRNA strand (© Shutterstock)

The push for COVID-19 vaccines is helping fight other diseases

A 2005 discovery at a U.S. university led to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. The same technology also holds promise for fighting other illnesses.