How long will you live?

You are probably going to live longer than your parents. A lot of people around the world will because global life expectancy (71 years)...
Sailor taking selfie picture with children (U.S. Navy/Brittney Cannady)

U.S. military helps people in need in the Americas

"Continuing Promise" brought U.S. military members to Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras to provide medical care and other humanitarian efforts.
Man standing at whiteboard (© Dan Addison/University of Virginia)

U.S. researchers map COVID-19 cases to predict future needs

Learn how U.S. computer scientists are creating disease projection models that help policymakers tackle COVID-19 and plan for the future.
Large ship with tug boat next to it (U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kryzentia Richards)

A USNS Comfort mission by the numbers

The USNS Comfort left Panama after providing medical, dental, and eye-related treatment and care to 6,691 patients, some of them Venezuelan.
Woman sitting with blanket over shoulders and holding baby (© Dolores Ochoa/AP Images)

Venezuelan women, families suffer under Maduro’s chaos

U.N. Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet reports that women and children continue to suffer from malnutrition in Venezuela. And it's getting worse.

Mental illness is more common than you think

Being healthy is about maintaining both physical and mental well-being. While most people know what to do when someone they know gets sick or...
Person in gloves and mask giving a shot (© Sam Mednick/AP Images)

U.S. company wins first-ever approval of Ebola vaccine

The European Commission has approved a U.S. company's first-ever Ebola vaccine, boosting efforts to fight the deadly virus.
Soybean plants (©

Top scientists find genetically engineered crops are safe to eat

A National Academies of Sciences panel found no persuasive evidence of adverse health effects from eating foods made from genetically engineered crops.
Woman looking through window at others sitting and standing outside (Courtesy of Medic Mobile)

The virtual medic will text you now

A virtual medic can now use mobile communications to bring health care and diagnostic tools to residents of poor and remote areas.