Vials containing COVID-19 vaccine (© David Zalubowski/AP Images)

Biden: Quad partners boosting COVID-19 vaccine production in India

The leaders of the United States, India, Australia, and Japan are increasing vaccine production, part of the Quad partners' efforts to end the pandemic.

This is what dirty air does to your body

When we live in cities, we breathe dirty air, which is bad for us. It causes many diseases. But there are ways to stop the pollution.

A $1 billion commitment to protect children from disease

The U.S. will commit $1 billion to Gavi, an international vaccine alliance to immunize millions of children in the poorest nations against deadly diseases.
Gloved hand lifting vial from box of them (© Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images)

Vaccines save lives

Vaccines against infectious diseases save millions of lives. See how U.S. innovators are contributing to global efforts to stop COVID-19 and other diseases.
Magnifying glass laid on map of West Africa (Thinkstock)

Can you make a map to guide Ebola health workers?

You can’t stop Ebola if you don’t know where it is. Before organizations such as Doctors Without Borders or the Red Cross send health...
Doctor giving injection to boy in school gym with two other medical professionals (© AP Images)

COVID-19 vaccine research builds on U.S. successes

The United States has a long history of developing vaccines and providing humanitarian assistance to fight infectious diseases worldwide.
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U.S. faith-based groups fight COVID-19 worldwide

Religious charities in the United States are aiding in the fight against COVID-19. See how faith-based groups are tackling the pandemic at home and abroad.
Water spraying over rubber gloves in Ebola exercise (AP Images)

Can I still get a visa? This and other Ebola questions...

The Ebola outbreak has caused confusion. Here are answers to common questions: I live in a country where the Ebola outbreak is ongoing. Can I...

New vaccines can take the bite out of diseases

Vaccines for malaria, chikungunya, MERS and TB are just a few of the challenges being tackled by research scientists. There is progress to report.