How do you like your air?

How do you know if you’re breathing clean air? Often you don’t, without access to air quality data. Years ago, U.S. environmental researchers figured out...
Men on street, Stop Ebola T-shirts

Ebola in West Africa: The goal is zero

The yearlong international health response to combat Ebola has sharply reduced the rate of infection. Pushing case numbers to zero is still the goal.

African Union and U.S. aim to improve public health in Africa

The United States and the African Union partner to create the African Centres for Disease Control to improve public health across the continent.

Who’s cooking? Michelle Obama in Milan.

First lady Michelle Obama visits the 2015 World Expo in Milan to promote healthy eating.
Doctor holding vaccine vial in front of mother holding child (© AP Images)

Guess which part of the world is free of measles

Measles has been eliminated in North, South and Central America after 22 years of vaccination campaigns, says the Pan American Health Organization.
"سيدات المعلومات" في بنغلادش

A benefit of a free, open Internet: Better health care

We enjoy the benefits of a free and open Internet each time we pay a bill online, download music or take an online course....

Catch your breath … if you can

More than 230 million people worldwide know the breathing difficulty of asthma. Air pollution increases asthma, but treatment and prevention can help.
Sailor taking selfie picture with children (U.S. Navy/Brittney Cannady)

U.S. military helps people in need in the Americas

"Continuing Promise" brought U.S. military members to Colombia, Guatemala and Honduras to provide medical care and other humanitarian efforts.
Young child being given injection (© AP Images)

Fake medicines cost lives

Counterfeit drugs are a global problem, sickening people who think they are buying medicine to treat a malady like malaria or an infection.