Two children playing soccer (Courtesy of Spirit of Soccer)

How soccer can save lives

April 4 is International Mine Awareness Day. Learn how teaching kids soccer can protect them from land mines.
Baby lying on person's legs (© AP Images)

U.S. progressing toward Zika vaccine

An experimental vaccine from the National Institutes of Health to protect against the Zika virus is showing promising results.

Nigeria stops polio. Now what?

In 2012, Nigeria accounted for half of the world’s cases of polio. Now it hasn’t seen a new case in more than a year. What does this mean for the world?
People in processing plant wearing protective clothing (© Tyrone Turner)

Safety comes first for U.S. food and drug exports

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Iowa March 3-4 to highlight American farm products. Read about the exacting standards of the U.S. inspection system.
Young man posing for camera, standing to one side of group of seated students in gymnasium (U.S. Embassy of Guatemala)

Guatemalan communities tackle drugs with U.S. help

Joed Osorio started using illegal drugs when he was just 10 years old. Today he is a “prevention coach” with the San Lucas Community Anti-Drug Coalition.
A World Health Organization worker trains Ebola health workers to use protective gear in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Health workers face Ebola’s psychological effects

For some health workers, addressing the psychological effects of the Ebola epidemic in Liberia is as important as prevention or treatment. Battling death and rumors Rumors...
Fitness trackers on an arm (© AP Images)

Catching a cold? Check your tech.

Fitness devices that track the number of steps a person takes could soon routinely do a lot more to monitor people's health.
Person working with dropper in lab (Shutterstock)

New drug offers hope for people with aggressive cancers

A promising new drug, PF-06647020, targets cancers that spread quickly and are notoriously hard to cure, including some breast, ovarian and lung cancers.
Student sitting on mat, writing in chalk on slate tablet (© AP Images)

Boost your brain by learning a new language

Mastering a new language not only can boost your confidence, introduce you to a new culture or land you a job; it also can offer cognitive benefits.