Catch your breath … if you can

More than 230 million people worldwide know the breathing difficulty of asthma. Air pollution increases asthma, but treatment and prevention can help.
Doctor giving injection to boy in school gym with two other medical professionals (© AP Images)

COVID-19 vaccine research builds on U.S. successes

The United States has a long history of developing vaccines and providing humanitarian assistance to fight infectious diseases worldwide.
Lois Judge embracing Susannah Mushatt Jones (© AP Images)

Susannah Mushatt Jones: An American woman whose life spanned 3 centuries

Born in 1899, Susannah Mushatt Jones saw over a century of events before passing away on May 12. Here are her secrets to longevity.
Portrait photo of Dr. Donald Henderson (© AP Images)

U.S. scientist who led fight to eradicate smallpox dies at 87

The epidemiologist who led the fight for the eradication nearly 40 years ago of smallpox, one of the world’s most feared contagious diseases, has died.
Baby sleeping on a bed (© Gideon Mendel/Corbis/Getty Images)

Creative ways to prevent malaria in Zimbabwe

A U.S.-backed project helped the Chapoto community in Zimbabwe create an audiobook that teaches malaria prevention and treatment in their own language.
Woman receiving injection, men behind her clapping (© UNICEF Ethiopia)

U.S. rallies support for global vaccine distribution

The U.S. and Gavi are working to raise funds for COVAX, an initiative to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and provide vaccines to the world's poorest countries.
Images sitting in rows, with data in margins (© Evgeniy Kalinovskiy/Shutterstock)

Diagnosing brain cancer with the help of artificial intelligence

A recent study shows artificial intelligence was as successful as doctors at diagnosing cancer — and was much faster, too.