Red apple sign in store window (© AP Images)

Apple turns (Red) for World AIDS Day

Apple Corporation is marking World AIDS Day by giving more than 400 of its stores a makeover in red and raising money to fight AIDS in Africa.
Man preparing microscope slides as woman with child on her lap sits at table extending her arm (© AP Images)

How speeding up malaria diagnosis can save lives in India

Reducing the number of malaria cases takes multiple, coordinated approaches, including early diagnosis, pesticides and therapy.
Light casting shadow of mosquito (© AP Images)

First potential Zika vaccine cleared for human trials

Inovio Pharmaceuticals has created a potential vaccine for the mosquito-transmitted virus Zika, which has become an epidemic.
Woman with 'End Polio Now' written on her cheek (© AP Images)

Edging closer to a polio-free world [video]

Polio, which once infected 350,000 people, is almost nonexistent today, thanks to partnerships between governments and private organizations.

Climate change is deadly serious, especially for women

Droughts, flooding and changing weather patterns have a negative impact on women's health. Some discussions at COP21 will focus on this and gender equality.
Brian Hook standing by river (State Dept.)

Special Representative Hook’s message to Iran on water management [video]

In this video, U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook presents some of the devastating effects of Iran's mismanagement of water resources.
Doctor holding vaccine vial in front of mother holding child (© AP Images)

Guess which part of the world is free of measles

Measles has been eliminated in North, South and Central America after 22 years of vaccination campaigns, says the Pan American Health Organization.
Women demonstrating outside building (State Dept.)

A Venezuelan mother in search of a better future [video]

Electricity blackouts and widespread medicine shortages mean that childbirth and motherhood present grave risks in Venezuela.
Person in face mask looking at test tube (© Sven Hoppe/picture alliance/Getty Images)

The U.S. fights coronavirus worldwide [first 4 months]

See a collection of stories, photos and tweets on the U.S. commitment to fighting COVID-19 worldwide during the first few months of the pandemic.