Illustration of three weapons inspectors looking through a large magnifying glass (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

These sleuths detect nuclear and chemical weapons

The world relies on skilled international inspectors with sophisticated equipment to determine whether countries are fulfilling their obligations not to build nuclear or chemical weapons.
John J. Sullivan speaking at a podium (© Jose Luis Magana/AP Images)

Meet U.S. Acting Secretary of State Sullivan

During this transition period between secretaries of state, a steady hand takes charge and career employees continue their work supporting the president's foreign policies.
Illustration of person standing at potted plant with hose someone else has shut off (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

Foreign investors wanted, but security comes first

No country welcomes more foreign companies than the United States. They create nearly 7 million jobs. But the U.S. also seeks to ensure foreign countries don't get hold of technology that threatens national security.
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (© Cliff Owen/AP Images)

Crown prince’s visit shows breadth of U.S.-Saudi relationship

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has crisscrossed America on a trip showcasing the closeness of U.S.-Saudi economic and security ties.
Ship sailing in ocean (Courtesy of Austal USA)

G’day y’all! Aussie-U.S. friendship reflected in new ship.

A future U.S. Navy warship will have a touch of Australia. It will be named USS Canberra to honor close U.S. ties with Australia.
Drawing of human body showing internal organs (State Dept./J. Maruszewski)

What are nerve agents and why are they so deadly?

The world banned chemical warfare nearly a century ago, but nerve agents like the one used on a British citizen show the horror has not disappeared. Learn more about these colorless liquids and gases that can cause a victim to suffer a painful death.
Police tape in front of scene (© Matt Dunham/AP Images)

U.S. expels 60 Russians, stands with Allies over nerve agent attack

Standing in solidarity with NATO partners, the U.S. ordered five dozen Russian diplomats and intelligence operatives to leave the country following the nerve agent attack in England.
Donald Trump at desk signing document, surrounded by people (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)

Trump acts to rebalance the U.S.-China trade relationship

President Trump signed an order proposing increased tariffs on designated Chinese imports to address unfair trade practices that threaten U.S. intellectual property rights.