U.S.-ASEAN 40-year logo (U.S.-ASEAN Connect)

The U.S. and ASEAN: 40 years of partnership [video]

The U.S. and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are celebrating 40 years of working together for peace and prosperity.
Glass vessel on display, people in silhouette behind it (© AP Images)

Nations join to restore Cairo’s Islamic art museum

After a monumental international effort, the Egyptian Museum of Islamic Art, closed by a terrorist bomb, is once again open to the public.
NATO flag waving (Shutterstock)

NATO: Standing strong together and contributing equally [video]

In Brussels, President Trump vows that, together, the NATO Allies will vanquish terrorism and says all Allies should contribute their fair share to NATO.
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The U.S. and NATO: From Trump to Truman [video]

President Trump joins a long line of American leaders who have pledged to uphold the U.S. commitment to NATO. It began when NATO was created.

Ways that World War II changed the world

In 2015, countries are remembering the end of World War II. It wasn't just the end of a terrible conflict, but the beginning of how things work today.
Inset photo of military members beside text describing how NATO strengthens international bonds (State Dept.)

NATO strengthens international bonds [video]

Leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization meet in Brussels May 25. Learn about the U.S and NATO.
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Postwar Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe marks 70th anniversary

70 years ago, George Marshall laid the groundwork for a recovery plan for Europe, creating bonds that have linked the continent with the U.S. ever since.
Police officers riding bicycles (U.S. Embassy Guatemala)

Trained in Miami, Guatemalan police patrol on bicycles

Busy pedestrian malls in Guatemala City have bicycle police patrolling the streets. They are part of an initiative to improve community-police relations.
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The U.S. at the Group of Seven meeting [video]

Leaders from the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations meet in Sicily on May 26. Learn about the G7 and the upcoming meeting.