Drawing of human body showing internal organs (State Dept./J. Maruszewski)

What are nerve agents and why are they so deadly?

The world banned chemical warfare nearly a century ago, but nerve agents like the one used on a British citizen show the horror has not disappeared. Learn more about these colorless liquids and gases that can cause a victim to suffer a painful death.
Orange lights illuminating landscape (© Andrea Bruce/New York Times/Redux)

U.S., Kazakhstan join forces to strengthen border security

A U.S. program bolsters border security in Kazakhstan, creating safe transportation and trade routes for goods entering and exiting the country.
Photo of refugees walking, with text reading 'The U.S. has met its 2016 Syrian refugee goal' (© AP Images/State Dept.)

U.S. hits goal of welcoming 10,000 Syrian war refugees

The U.S. has welcomed 10,000 Syrian refugees one month ahead of its goal. Obama calls for admitting 100,000 refugees from around the world in the next year.
Formation of people in military uniforms standing by wall with Yudh Abhyas banner (U.S. Army/Staff Sgt. Joseph Tolliver)

U.S. and India stand ready to aid and defend

India and the U.S. participated in the joint training exercise Yudh Abhyas in India. Learn how the countries are securing the Indo-Pacific region.
Attorney General Willam Barr in front of flag (© Patrick Semansky/AP Images)

China’s economic blitzkrieg

The Chinese Communist Party is leveraging its economic power to exert influence around the globe and to try to make the world safe for dictatorship.
Syrian child receiving oxygen from a medic (© Getty Images)

In photos: The chemical attack in Syria

Images from Syria's chemical attack on its own people on April 4 continue to shock the world.
Nicolás Maduro walking with a large group of uniformed men (© Miraflores Palace/Handout/Reuters Pictures)

Maduro suppresses Venezuela’s military with Cuba’s help

The former Maduro regime has used Fidel Castro's playbook and Cuban advisers to suppress opposition in Venezuela's armed forces, a new report says.
People in face masks across table from others in heavy protective gear (© Mohammad Ponir Hossain/Reuters)

U.S. supports Indo-Pacific partners in COVID-19 fight

The United States is working with India and Bangladesh to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific and fight the new coronavirus.
Space station in space above Earth (NASA)

Life on the International Space Station

Research at the International Space Station could get humans to Mars. See what it's like for astronauts from around the world who work there.