Supporting young Asian leaders

The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative will bring 500 young people to the U.S. annually to develop their professional and leadership skills.
Musicians in tuxedos playing (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

An inside peek at an inaugural ball

Ambassadors and guests from around the world gathered at the Organization of American States to kick off Donald J. Trump’s January 20 inauguration.
NATO flag (© Shutterstock)

An unshakable commitment: The U.S. and NATO

Every American president since Harry Truman, who championed NATO's creation in 1949, has reaffirmed the United States' commitment to the principle of collective defense.
Michael Scott Peters smiling, with row of flags in the background (State Dept./D.A Peterson)

U.S. youth observer to the U.N. raises awareness about human trafficking

In secondary school, Michael Scott Peters wrote a paper on the U.N. Now, years later, he wants to make his mark as the U.S. youth observer to the body.
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Learn about NATO in 3 minutes by watching these videos

Leaders of the 28 countries that make up NATO will meet in Brussels on May 25. Learn about the Alliance and how it works.
Akie Abe, Shinzo Abe, Donald Trump and Melania Trump (© AP Images)

Trump and Japan’s Abe affirm ‘very crucial alliance’

President Trump and first lady Melania welcomed Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, Akie, to Florida over the weekend.
People standing on a balcony draped with the Venezuelan flag (© Ariana Cubillos/AP Images)

Maduro’s ex-vice president aided drug dealers, charges say

Former vice president of Venezuela and international drug kingpin Tareck El Aissami has been charged with violating U.S. sanctions.
Wang Yi and Secretary Pompeo shaking hands (© Andrew Harnik/AP Images)

Pompeo hosts China’s Foreign Minister Wang in Washington

The U.S. secretary of state and his Chinese counterpart met in Washington to discuss a range of policy topics important to both nations.
Man in African garb speaking into a microphone (© HK Media)

The ‘Wakanda Generation’ unites for Africa

Learn about a new effort to enable young African leaders to join forces with the African-American diaspora to advance development in Africa.