Joint vision for peace and prosperity soars in Asia-Pacific region

The U.S. and Vietnam must keep working together to ensure the Asia-Pacific's peace and prosperity is preserved and enhanced, Secretary Carter says.

These are your voices at the U.N. They want to hear...

The role of youth is critical to tackling the social inequities and environmental complexities of the current world. The time is now to make a difference.

Obama: Russia’s aggression in Ukraine reinforces U.S. and allied unity

In his February 9 remarks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House, President Obama said international sanctions against Russia that were imposed...
Oleg Verniaiev in the air, straddling the parallel bars (© AP Images)

Ukrainian athletes shine at the Rio Olympics

The athletes representing Ukraine at the Olympics are making a strong showing. Several are placing, even winning the country's first gold medal.

A promise kept: U.S. nukes down 85 percent, and counting

As of September 2013, the United States has reduced its nuclear arsenal by at least 85 percent from its peak Cold War level. In April...

Dialogue, not force, is preventing Iran from getting a nuclear weapon

The agreement between Iran and the P5+1 over Iranian nuclear activities shows that diplomacy can be effective in resolving complex global security concerns.

Working toward a verifiable nuclear deal with Iran

Secretary of State John Kerry stressed that the United States and its P5+1 negotiating partners are working to curtail Iran’s nuclear ambitions in a...

South China Sea disputes need diplomatic solution

As China and Vietnam reclaim land among the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, U.S. leaders call for diplomacy and dialogue.

What does the National Security Strategy mean for Ukraine?

The United States released its National Security Strategy (NSS) on February 6.  The document sets out principles and priorities to guide American foreign policy...