Kerry’s historic visit to Somalia

For the first time in history, a sitting U.S. secretary of state visits Somalia. Secretary Kerry announces a plan to re-establish a diplomatic mission.

Learn why you should support Ukraine, in 100 seconds [video]

What kind of neighbor would you want? Supporting Ukraine allows for future stability and growth in the country and as a European neighbor.

One role for sanctions: Isolating a bully

If you agree that bigger nations should not bully smaller ones, you probably oppose recent Russian aggression and support Ukraine's efforts to achieve democracy. That's...

Costs to Crimea: Coerced citizenship

One year ago, on March 16, Russia orchestrated an illegal referendum in Crimea that violated the Ukrainian constitution and was condemned by the international...

A defining partnership: U.S. and Indian economies draw closer

As Indian businesses increasingly look to the U.S. market for expansion opportunities and U.S. companies consider more investments in India, the two countries are...

Secretary Kerry explains the Iran pact

The pact reduces Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium, cuts the number of centrifuges and expands the time it would take Iran to produce fissile material.

On Ukraine, terrorism and climate change, U.S. and EU agree

Ukraine topped the agenda in a January 21 meeting between top diplomats from the United States and the European Union. “Today, we reviewed the alarming...

A critical deal with Iran, but more work to be done

The United States, Iran, and our negotiating partners from the UN Security Council and European Union agreed on the parameters of a plan that, if finalized and implemented, will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
Two people standing hand in hand in large room with frescos (White House/Andrea Hanks)

In pictures: President Trump travels to the Middle East and Europe

President Donald J. Trump delivers a message of unity to America’s friends and Allies in the first international trip of his presidency.