Government and Civil Society

Woman in shadows looking at glowing laptop screen (© AP Images)

How do you know if what you’re seeing online is true?

How can you see past hoaxes? Learn how you can confirm photos and video footage, and fact-check what you see online.
Woman hanging from strap in gym (State Dept./University of Tennessee/Jaron Johns)

These athletes prove disabilities are no bar to sports

Vibhas Sen, Keit Jaanimägi, Ali Abu El Nasr and Zabdai Zamuel have proven that disabilities do not hinder their sports.
Mabel Cáceres interviewing man while surrounded by people (International Women's Media Foundation)

Meet journalists who risked their lives reporting

Not everyone gets death threats for doing their jobs. These women do. Learn more about journalists Mabel Cáceres, Janine di Giovanni and Stella Paul.
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May 3: Learn about press freedom and its role in society...

Join us on May 3 for an interactive webchat with a panel of experts to discuss the importance of media freedom and its role in a democratic society.
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Helping women find the stories you don’t see anywhere else

Aiming for a news model based on the local communities of developing countries, the Global Press Institute trains women to be working journalists.
Headshot of Wonder Woman with cape in raised left hand (Courtesy of Pete Sanders Group/PSG)

Can Wonder Woman knock out goal Number 5?

The United Nations has named Wonder Woman an honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls. Actress Lynda Carter says education is key.
Nelson Mandela smiling (© AP Images)

What do Nelson Mandela, George Washington and a Roman consul have...

What do Nelson Mandela, George Washington and Roman consul Cincinnatus have in common? Each walked away from political power.

Why do more women than men live in poverty?

The Beijing Platform for Action, developed at a 1995 United Nations conference, sets an agenda for women’s empowerment and identified 12 critical areas of concern....
Girls working in a lab (YouTube)

Helping girls grow up to be engineers [video]

GoldieBlox — toys that combine construction projects and stories of a girl engineer named Goldie — foster spatial skills, and perhaps future engineers.