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October 18: Allies against human trafficking [webchat]

Join us on October 18 for a webchat on how the private sector can collaborate with government, law enforcement and NGOs to fight human trafficking.

On gender equality, dads make a difference

How will you observe International Women's Day on March 8? Start by noticing where women's voices are absent and speak up for gender parity.
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4 ways you can hold officials accountable

Is your government transparent? Knowing what elected officials say, do and spend is vital to an open government. Here's how you can keep tabs on officials.
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Pompeo urges all nations to hold Iran regime accountable

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo citied a litany of Iran-sponsored terrorist attacks in Europe and elsewhere in pressing all nations to hold Iran accountable.
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Voices of religious freedom: A Holocaust survivor [video]

A survivor of Nazi Germany's persecution of Jews recounts her experience and explains the importance of religious freedom in our modern world.
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Love is love: How same-sex marriage became a right in the...

The U.S. Supreme Court decision ensuring a nationwide right to same-sex marriage is a significant milestone on the path to equal rights for LGBTI Americans.

Obama: I’m determined to shut down Guantánamo

In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Obama repeated his resolve to shut down the Guantánamo Bay detention facility in Cuba, saying the...
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How some countries involve citizens in governing

“Open government” should never be an oxymoron. More national governments are making sure the phrase isn't one by increasing their transparency.
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Obama honors progress on LGBTI rights

Almost a year after the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriages in the U.S., President Obama talks about his reaction.