Secretary Pompeo speaking (State Dept.)

Secretary Pompeo’s message to the Venezuelan people [video]

Secretary Pompeo delivers a message of continued U.S. support for democracy and human rights in Venezuela.

How one title led to another

The U.S. national team made history in the 2015 Women’s World Cup. One of the keys to their success: a law banning gender-based discrimination in schools.

Human rights violations continue in Venezuela [video]

More than 4.6 million Venezuelans have been displaced from their country and forced to seek refuge in neighboring countries.
Two women huddling as police officer looks at them (© Vladimir Gerdo/TASS/Getty Images)

U.S. calls on the Kremlin to end crackdown on press freedom

The United States is standing up for press freedom in Russia, where the Kremlin cracks down on reporters, independent newsrooms and opposition voices.
Crowd of people waiting for food (© Eraldo Peres/AP Images)

In pictures: The suffering of Venezuela’s people

Venezuelans have long suffered under the illegitimate Maduro regime's corruption and mismanagement, which has driven millions out of the country

U.S. to welcome additional Syrian refugees

Already the leading donor to Syrian relief, the United States will accept more displaced Syrians in the coming year.
Illustration of woman entering door marked with word "opportunity" (Library of Congress)

World War I propelled women into workforce and voting booths

World War I marked the beginning of a new era for American women, securing them the right to vote and opening up jobs previously reserved for men.
Mark Zuckerberg (© AP Images)

Influential people and the books that influenced them

Books can have a big impact on us and our lives. Here is a look at the books that have meant the most to five prominent people.
Main building of Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) (© Ivan Sekretarev/AP Images)

The Kremlin’s disinformation tactics: Media manipulation [video]

The Kremlin's overall disinformation goals are to manipulate and weaken adversaries. Learn how to spot some clues of Russian disinformation.