Police officer in uniform (© AP Images)

3 police chiefs on race and policing

Three police chiefs in the U.S. address perceptions of law enforcement and how their departments are improving their communities.

Afghanistan is moving forward, with help from its friends

The United States will continue to support Afghanistan's national unity government and the Afghan people in fighting corruption and strengthening democracy.
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The effect of maximum pressure by U.S. on Iran’s regime [video]

U.S. sanctions have deprived Iran's regime of billions of dollars that would otherwise have been used to fund wars and sow terror in the region.
Headshot of smiling young woman in hijab, outside, surrounded by greenery (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

New U.S. youth observer to the U.N. to engage millennials in...

Munira Khalif will spend the next year as the U.S. youth observer to the U.N., showing millennials that their voices count on the international stage.
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A Uighur survivor story [video]

When Mihrigul Tursun returned to China, she was arrested and separated from her children. Her crime? Being a Uighur Muslim who had lived outside of China.

Rate your food — or your government

Soon customers of six passport agencies will be able to rate the services they receive on the review site Yelp.
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Journalists can be targets. What should they do about it? [video]

Once respected as independent observers of conflicts, journalists today are increasingly becoming targets. What can they do to help protect themselves?
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Want democracy? Keep the press free and active.

A strong democracy encourages a free press — one that keeps the public informed, enables a diversity of voices, and holds leaders accountable.

Exposing threats to our worldwide heritage

The Syrian Heritage Initiative provides Middle Eastern and American archaeologists the tools to document and raise awareness of the destruction of Syrian and Iraqi...