Five symbols of Ukraine: flag, trident, independence statue, sunflower, and letter “i” with two dots above it (Photos: © Andreas Wolochow, © Free_styler, and © Oleksandrum, all via

5 symbols of Ukrainian independence

Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day August 24. Learn more about a few symbols that represent Ukraine’s pride, sacrifice and unity.
People sitting on chairs on stage listening to person speaking at lectern (State Dept./Freddie Everett)

Celebrating champions of equity and justice

The U.S. honored six courageous advocates who are combating systemic racism in their home countries. Learn about their vital work.
People walking through Red Square after sunset in Moscow (© Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP)

Russia’s top talent fleeing to other countries

Russians continue to leave their country for opportunities elsewhere because of the war in Ukraine and political repression.
School of fish swimming around clump of seagrass (© Thanos Dailianis/HCMR)

AWE alumna makes waves in sustainable technology

A marine biologist launched a business to recycle marine waste for use in products. Learn how this entrepreneur is advancing conservation.
Illustration of hand slipping money into pocket of man speaking at lectern (State Dept./D. Thompson)

U.S. sanctions 39 in Central America for corruption and undemocratic actions

The latest Corrupt and Undemocratic Actors Report lists 39 people, including two former presidents and dozens of officials.
Smiling woman (Courtesy of Sarah H. Cleveland)

Bringing experience and integrity to the International Court of Justice

Meet Sarah H. Cleveland, the U.S. nominee for the International Court of Justice, based in The Hague. She seeks a nine-year term as judge.
Youth checking his mobile phone under a bridge (© Rajesh Kumar Singh/AP)

Thank people with disabilities for these inventions

Learn more about items commonly used by everyone that were originally designed for those with disabilities.
Women making flower arrangements (© Irene Mositol/AWE)

AWE alumna advances organic farming in Malaysia

A businesswoman in Malaysia credits the U.S. Academy for Women Entrepreneurs with helping her focus her business. Now she is helping others.
Two men smiling and talking together near big bag of silver fish (© Jjumba Martin/Mercy Corps)

Helping refugees in Africa become entrepreneurs

Refugees in Africa are becoming entrepreneurs and building a network inside settlements, thanks to a program offered by U.S. organizations.