Ukraine’s new generation of police officers

As part of its countrywide police-reform effort, Ukraine swore in its first class of new patrol police recruits at an official ceremony in Kyiv.
Large, imposing monument, seen against blue sky and clouds (© Alamy)

U.S. supports the people of Iran

The United States strongly condemns the arrest of peaceful protesters in Iran. Find out what U.S. officials are saying about the protests in Iran.

Religious scholars declare their positions on Daesh

Islamic scholars from throughout the Ummah have condemned Daesh for committing crimes in the name of Islam. Read their words: Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb The Grand Sheikh of...
Michelle Obama on screen speaking to audience of girls (© AP Images)

Michelle Obama champions girls’ education via Skype

Michelle Obama gathered 45 girls from Liberia and Morocco to the White House October 11 for a special event promoting girls' education.

How Arab Americans make their voices heard

Arab Americans have one of the highest rates of political participation of any ethnic group in the U.S. and serve at every level of the government.
Illustration of six runners (Shutterstock)

Running in America: Popular and fun

Whether it's for health, relaxation or a cause, running is a popular activity in the United States. Learn about some running heroes.
Alyssa Carson in space simulator (Courtesy of Alyssa Carson)

Inspiring the next generation of female space pioneers

Alyssa Carson has a big dream — she's training to be on the first mission to Mars. A new law aims to inspire young women like her to stick with science.
Ukrainians holding flag (AP Images)

Sunday’s elections in Ukraine will be a pivotal exercise in democracy

On Sunday, October 26, Ukraine will hold its first Rada (parliamentary) elections since the historic Maidan protest movement led to former President Yanukovych abandoning...

‘A day for removing barriers,’ Kerry says on U.S.-Cuba ties

Cuban Foreign Minister Rodriguez and Secretary Kerry explain the importance of renewing the diplomatic relationship and other ties between the countries.