Young girl at typewriter and two other people in classroom (© Brian Messenger/Perkins School for the Blind)

Meeting the world’s need for teachers of deaf-blind children

A U.S. school has launched a global effort to train 1 million teachers with the skills to help deaf-blind children fulfill their potential.

You asked: Why does the U.S. have capital punishment?

When a jury sentenced Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death, some asked why capital punishment is still employed in the U.S.
Close-up of woman wearing headscarf (© Behrouz Mehri/AFP/Getty Images)

Human rights award winner languishes in Iranian prison

Narges Mohammadi voiced her opinion about Iran's death penalty and began a peaceful campaign to end the regime's public executions. She was jailed for expressing her views.

Brains over beauty: This Miss America says being smart is cool...

The first Miss America of Indian descent, Nina Davuluri, is also the first Miss America to have earned a science degree.
Young girl holding her newspaper (© Matthew Lysiak)

This 9-year-old knows how to get the story

While some American third-graders might pretend, Hilde Lysiak is a real journalist — reporting stories for the newspaper she created in her hometown.
Close-up view of a hand using mobile news app Flipboard in a cafe

Make up your own mind. These mobile news apps can help.

Tracking the news where you live or in nations far away is a good way to hold your government accountable and to be an...

Beware Russia’s Orwellian tactics in Crimea

Russia’s repressive tactics against ethnic minority groups in Crimea are a warning sign to the international community, says U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power. In March 6...
President Trump walking in the White House (© Evan Vucci/AP Images)

Trump: Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps ‘brutalizes’ Iranian people

Iran's brutal security force oppresses Iranian citizens who are fighting for their rights and freedoms. The United States stands with the people of Iran who are protesting their government at home.
Brightly dressed young girls from Kano, Nigeria (© Videoblocks)video

Keeping Nigerian youths from Boko Haram’s clutches [video]

The president of the American University in Nigeria brought Muslim and Christian leaders together to meet the needs of refugees from Boko Haram's terror.