It’s time to end FGM/C

More than 125 million women and girls are living with the consequences of female genital mutilation/cutting, also known as FGM/C. Most were age 15...

The beginning of a new relationship with Cuba [video]

Visitors to the newly re-opened Cuban embassy in Washington were enthusiastic about the prospect of expanded contact with the Cuban people.

Can you separate fact from fiction?

Whether online, on television or in newspapers, people are bombarded with messages. Media literacy starts with asking the right questions.
Drawing of hand holding magnifying glass over spreadsheet (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

4 ways you can hold officials accountable

Is your government transparent? Knowing what elected officials say, do and spend is vital to an open government. Here's how you can keep tabs on officials.

Is your love of chocolate supporting child labor?

Whether it is ultimately processed into candy bars, cake, cocoa powder or other food and drink products, the cocoa bean is a global favorite....

Ask our diplomat: Who should run the Internet?

Interested in who runs the Internet? Sure you are, you’re using it right now. Here's your chance to ask an American diplomat who should govern the...

20 women’s rights activists whose voices should be heard. Instead they...

Empower women, don't imprison them. 20 cases of women political prisoners are being highlighted in the days before a summit on women's rights.

Why President Obama banned CIA interrogation techniques over 5 years ago

The U.S. Senate committee that watches over the U.S. intelligence community has released a report on CIA detention and interrogation practices that President Obama...

Peace Corps: What’s good for girls is good for boys

The greatest ally females have in the fight for gender equality is males. Learn how the Peace Corps is teaching boys around the world about gender issues.