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D-Day anniversary prompts reflection

Remembering D-Day, a pivotal Allied victory during World War II, links the struggles against tyranny in the 20th and 21st centuries.
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Strengthening democracies across the Americas

Leaders will discuss democratic governance and open government at this year's Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles.
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United with Ukraine [April-May 2022]

Check out our latest coverage of the developments in Ukraine and the U.S. response. This article will be updated on a rolling basis.
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Transforming digital access in the Western Hemisphere

The Summit of the Americas, hosted by the United States in Los Angeles, will focus on digital improvements to catalyze a healthy economy.
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Faces of Kremlin propaganda: Dimitri Peskov

This installment in a series looks at Dimitri Peskov, President Vladimir Putin's spokesman, who lives in luxury as he spreads disinformation.
Illustration of man with wind-up key in his back, Russian flag in background (State Dept./M. Gregory. Images: © AtlasbyAtlas Studio/

Faces of Kremlin propaganda: Vladimir Solovyov

This installment in a series on major players in Russia's disinformation campaigns looks at Vladimir Solovyov, a Russian broadcaster.
Map of Russia with location markers related to Navalny poisoning (Images: © Arafat Uddin/; © bioraven/

Putin’s poisons: 2020 attack on Aleksey Navalny

This installment in a series on the Kremlin's role in chemical attacks on civilians looks at the poisoning of activist Aleksey Navalny.
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Analyzing a fake Kremlin video used to justify war with Ukraine

Evidence suggests Russia used a gruesome staged incident to justify its full-scale further invasion of Ukraine on February 24.
Map of U.K. with location marker for Skripal poisonings (Image: © Arafat Uddin/

Putin’s poisons: 2018 attack on Sergei Skripal

This installment in a series looks at the Russian government's disinformation regarding its attempt to kill a former intelligence officer.