President Obama looking into a crowd of young African leaders (© AP Images)

Want to be an important politician? Start now.

In many developing countries, the majority of the population is younger than 25, something young political hopefuls should keep in mind.
Man sitting on edge of table with sign behind him (Dept. of State/D.A. Peterson)

Journalists to politicians: ‘Stick to the facts’ [video]

Journalists hope to make politicians more accountable and create a more transparent government by fact checking the statements politicians make.
Smartphone showing Google search results for state voting information (© AP Images)

Using technology to help U.S. voters get to the ballot box

Voting laws vary by state, so Google is using its technology to make registration easier for people looking to participate in this year's election.
Woman in fancy dress and headscarf (Courtesy of Saba Ahmed)

Muslim Americans becoming more involved in U.S. politics

An effort to encourage more Muslim Americans to participate in the U.S. political process is underway in the United States.
People standing in line and sign saying 'Vote Here' (© AP Images)

Immigrant voters: The key to victory?

To understand voters, politicians use census data. The most recent data found that almost 1 in 10 U.S. voters is an immigrant.
President Obama sitting at table with others (White House)

Obama gives ‘second chance’ to 214 prisoners

President Obama reduced the sentences of 214 federal prisoners. He said the act reflects his belief that “America is a nation of second chances.”
Muhammadu Buhari (© AP Images)

Between promises and real change, there is ‘political will’

Lack of "political will" is the reason many anti-corruption programs fall short. Nigeria’s President Buhari is following through and driving change.
Man draped in Ukrainian flag standing at coffin with image of Pavel Sheremet displayed in background (© AP Images)

U.S., EU help Ukraine investigate journalist’s murder

U.S. and European law enforcement agencies are helping Ukrainian authorities in investigating the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet.
Man wearing hat walking past men in riot gear standing outside a building (Getty Images/Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun)

After the riots, a library in Baltimore becomes the community’s core

In most libraries you find shelves filled with reading material. This one has other valuable resources for a riot-torn community.