Burned-out car under magnifying glass (State Dept./M. Gregory. Images: © Mikhail Grachikov, © Sergieiev and © Pavlo S, all from Shutterstock.com)

Analyzing a fake Kremlin video used to justify war with Ukraine

Evidence suggests Russia used a gruesome staged incident to justify its full-scale further invasion of Ukraine on February 24.
Map of U.K. with location marker for Skripal poisonings (Image: © Arafat Uddin/thenounproject.com)

Putin’s poisons: 2018 attack on Sergei Skripal

This installment in a series looks at the Russian government's disinformation regarding its attempt to kill a former intelligence officer.
Billie Holiday singing at a microphone (© MIchael Ochs Archive/Getty Images)

Jazz musicians advanced America’s civil rights

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Listen to some of the music American jazz artists recorded before and during the civil rights movement.
Person holding up newspaper in front of line of people near newspaper booth (© Vincent Yu/AP Images)

Beijing reins in Hong Kong

The People's Republic of China is expanding its repression in Hong Kong, encroaching on freedoms it once promised to protect.
Graphic labeled 'Putin's Poison Playbook' with map of Syria and location marker for Khan Shaykhun (State Dept., Image: © Rashad Ashur/Shutterstock.com)

Putin’s poisons: 2017 attack in Syria

This installment in a series on Russia's role in chemical attacks on civilians worldwide takes a look at the 2017 sarin attack in Syria.
Illustration of woman wearing wreath in colors of Ukrainian flag with silhouetted statues in background (State Dept./ D. Thompson)

United with Ukraine [February-March 2022]

Check out our latest coverage of the developments in Ukraine and the U.S. response. This article will be updated on a rolling basis.
Arundhati Katju and Menaka Guruswamy in front of background labeled 'Time 100' (© Taylor Hill/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

LGBTQI+ champions in South and Central Asia

Four activists lead efforts to protect the human rights of the LGBTQI+ community through art, litigation and public service
Man standing next to satellite dish (Courtesy of Oleksandr)

Voices of Ukraine: Oleksandr

In 2014, Oleksandr lost both arms and an eye in fighting the Russian military. He is still determined to defend his country.
Vladimir Putin sitting in chair (© Mikhail Klimentyev/AP Images)

Putin’s lies are a broken record [infographic]

The Russian government's disinformation campaign justifying its unprovoked attacks on Ukraine reprises some old Kremlin hits.