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For the press, elections are a test of accountability

A journalist's role in covering elections is to give you unbiased information; doing anything else is failing in their role as a watchdog.

Afghanistan is moving forward, with help from its friends

The United States will continue to support Afghanistan's national unity government and the Afghan people in fighting corruption and strengthening democracy.

Was this George Washington’s greatest legacy?

On February 4, 1789, George Washington was elected the first president of the United States. Washington knew his actions would establish precedents for his successors....

Allowing black America to vote made the country better

Only 50 years ago, many black Americans were barred from exercising their right to vote. Learn why the 1965 Voting Rights Act was so important.
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Even at 69, the United Nations identifies with the younger generation

The United Nations fills the calendar with days to observe everything from progress on human rights to jazz greats. But October 24 marks perhaps the...

Ukraine’s new generation of police officers

As part of its countrywide police-reform effort, Ukraine swore in its first class of new patrol police recruits at an official ceremony in Kyiv.
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World Press Freedom Day: Fact or Fiction [video]

Washington Post investigative journalist and fact-checker Glenn Kessler talks about the role fact-checking plays for government accountability.
Students in Los Angeles access the Internetvideo

Who should control the Internet and why you should care

There’s a complicated battle brewing over who controls the Internet. And according to a leading expert, an Internet controlled by governments is not a...

It’s the same everywhere: There must be trust between police and...

Ukraine is overhauling its law enforcement, including making over its police patrol cars and training new police officers.