Ukraine’s new generation of police officers

As part of its countrywide police-reform effort, Ukraine swore in its first class of new patrol police recruits at an official ceremony in Kyiv.
Cartoon of a donkey and an elephant facing each other holding signs of pointing human fingers (© Kevin Kallaugher)

A cartoonist’s sharp pen makes people laugh … and ponder

Cartoonist Kevin "Kal" Kallaugher has drawn more than 8,000 cartoons over 40 years that range from sketches on climate change to political commentary.

It’s the same everywhere: There must be trust between police and...

Ukraine is overhauling its law enforcement, including making over its police patrol cars and training new police officers.
Illustration of crossed fingers behind person's back

World Press Freedom Day: Fact or Fiction [video]

Washington Post investigative journalist and fact-checker Glenn Kessler talks about the role fact-checking plays for government accountability.
Jason Rezaian and John Kerry sitting together and talking (© AP Images)

Without a free press, countries have ‘nothing to teach’

“A country without a free and independent press has nothing to brag about, nothing to teach and no way to fulfill its potential,” Secretary Kerry says.
A group of people marching down a street.

Peaceful protest can bring social change — and in America it’s...

Given recent news, you might be surprised to know that peaceful demonstrations are the norm in America. Headlines will always focus on any violence...

Changing the world with snowflakes

A snowflake offers an example of leadership to change the world. As with real snowflakes, the possibilities of effective organizational models are endless.
Nelson Mandela speaking to F.W. de Klerk (© AP Images)

What’s a ‘loyal opposition,’ and why does it matter? [video]

For a new democracy to grow and flourish, there must be legitimate, constructive and responsible people's participation. Enter the loyal opposition.