Marchers carrying Ukrainian flags (© AP Images)

The international community welcomes the new Ukrainian government

On December 2, Ukraine’s elected parliament approved the country’s first new government since protesters ousted former president Viktor Yanukovych in February. The international community warmly...
Man sitting on edge of table with sign behind him (Dept. of State/D.A. Peterson)

Journalists to politicians: ‘Stick to the facts’ [video]

Journalists hope to make politicians more accountable and create a more transparent government by fact checking the statements politicians make.

Faithful rally for climate action

U.S. religious groups will revive a history of political activism this month, when faith-based groups take action in favor of climate solutions.
Man wearing hat walking past men in riot gear standing outside a building (Getty Images/Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun)

After the riots, a library in Baltimore becomes the community’s core

In most libraries you find shelves filled with reading material. This one has other valuable resources for a riot-torn community.

How Nigerian women stood up for themselves and fought election violence

The staff of Nigeria's Women’s Situation Room worked to protect women and children, ensure women's right to vote and respond to threats and violence.
Nelson Mandela speaking to F.W. de Klerk (© AP Images)

What’s a ‘loyal opposition,’ and why does it matter? [video]

For a new democracy to grow and flourish, there must be legitimate, constructive and responsible people's participation. Enter the loyal opposition.
Woman dropping vote in ballot box with line of people behind her (© Pius Utomi/AFP via Getty Images)

2019 elections in Nigeria will be crucial

Nigeria's potential depends on good governance, the kind that responds to citizens’ needs and roots out corruption, State Department officials say.

2015 has been a year of real reforms in Ukraine

Ukraine has made major progress by passing more reform legislation in 2015 than in all other years of its independent history. What will 2016 bring?
Jason Rezaian and John Kerry sitting together and talking (© AP Images)

Without a free press, countries have ‘nothing to teach’

“A country without a free and independent press has nothing to brag about, nothing to teach and no way to fulfill its potential,” Secretary Kerry says.