Illustraion of a loudspeaker connected to a ballot box.

Democracy 2.0 could be on its way to Kitwe, Zambia

Moses Mwansa, a community leader of Kitwe, strives for more than peaceful and fair elections; he aims for active dialogue between leaders and citizens.
Man wearing hat walking past men in riot gear standing outside a building (Getty Images/Lloyd Fox/Baltimore Sun)

After the riots, a library in Baltimore becomes the community’s core

In most libraries you find shelves filled with reading material. This one has other valuable resources for a riot-torn community.
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Censor the internet? Bad idea.

Censoring the internet censors free speech. Political dissent, strong language and even offensive speech are part of a strong democracy.
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Nations oppose Venezuelan president’s actions

Nations around the world condemned the July 30 elections called by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that will ultimately give Maduro sweeping new powers.
Students in Los Angeles access the Internetvideo

Who should control the Internet and why you should care

There’s a complicated battle brewing over who controls the Internet. And according to a leading expert, an Internet controlled by governments is not a...
Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting in the forest with firefighters (Photo courtesy of "Years of Living Dangerously")

How to attract a celebrity to your cause

A celebrity endorsement raises awareness, setting your cause apart from others that compete for attention and donations. How do you sign up a celebrity?
Une salle d’audience, avec des colonnes de marbre, des murs ornés de sculptures et un plafond en voûte (© AP Images)

U.S. grand juries: What are they?

If you have paid attention to recent U.S. news, you have heard the term “grand jury” in connection with the deaths of Michael Brown...
Nelson Mandela speaking to F.W. de Klerk (© AP Images)

What’s a ‘loyal opposition,’ and why does it matter? [video]

For a new democracy to grow and flourish, there must be legitimate, constructive and responsible people's participation. Enter the loyal opposition.
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International Day of Democracy: Shareable quotes

September 15 is the International Day of Democracy, a day to honor the values of freedom, respect for human rights, and free and transparent elections.