How do you create a grass-roots movement to fight injustice?

Black Lives Matter has become a model of a successful 21st-century freedom-rights campaign. On February 25 two of its founders will share how they did it.
Four pop culture images with lines through them (Shutterstock/State Dept./S. Gemeny Wilkinson)

Banning Barbie and Bart?

Freedom of expression is a fundamental U.S. right, but in some countries, governments take the extraordinary measure of blocking what their citizens can see and hear.

Much more than the presidency is at stake this year

It's easy to forget that Americans will be electing much more than a president this November. There are thousands of other contests going on.

Here’s how to rock the vote

For 25 years, Rock the Vote has had one goal: getting the youngest eligible voters in the U.S. to the polls, using pop culture, music, art and technology.
Nelson Mandela waving to crowd (© David Longstreth/AP Images)

Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday: A look back at visits to the...

South Africa's first black president inspired Americans with each of his visits to the U.S. before he died in 2013. Nelson Mandela still does in 2018, the centenary of his birth.

Votes should be earned, not bought

For centuries, candidates have thought that well-placed money would earn them loyalty at the ballot box. It doesn't. It just increases corruption.

Islamic faith plus American values equals empowered citizens

An American of Egyptian origin and a member of the Cambridge, Massachusetts, City Council, Nadeem Mazen says Islam inspires him to serve the community.

5 tips for building a successful campaign

Are you trying to get more people engaged in your cause? Learn what it takes to tune in to your audience and build a better campaign.
Graphic showing elements of ransomware attack (State Dept.)

U.S. goes after Iranian hackers who attacked city, hospital computers

Two Iranian hackers allegedly extorted $6 million in bitcoin payments by installing ransomware on the computers of big U.S. cities, hospitals and others.