Youth agree: A stable Ukraine will help a generation [video]

Youth discuss why the international community should support Ukraine and why stability in Ukraine is important for the security and stability of Europe.

Ask our diplomat: Who should run the Internet?

Interested in who runs the Internet? Sure you are, you’re using it right now. Here's your chance to ask an American diplomat who should govern the...

Faithful rally for climate action

U.S. religious groups will revive a history of political activism this month, when faith-based groups take action in favor of climate solutions.

Free, fair, transparent Tunisia upholds democratic ideals

In honor of Tunisia’s National Day on March 20, Secretary of State John Kerry praised the resilience of the Tunisian people in their march...
Une salle d’audience, avec des colonnes de marbre, des murs ornés de sculptures et un plafond en voûte (© AP Images)

U.S. grand juries: What are they?

If you have paid attention to recent U.S. news, you have heard the term “grand jury” in connection with the deaths of Michael Brown...

New rules. New police. New investigators. Ukraine is working hard to...

Investigators from Ukraine’s newly created National Anti-Corruption Bureau discuss how they plan to accelerate the pace of reform.

Africa’s ‘decisive moment for democracy’

With upcoming elections in several African countries, people "must seize this opportunity to make their voices heard," and leaders must listen, Kerry says.
Ukrainians holding flag (AP Images)

Sunday’s elections in Ukraine will be a pivotal exercise in democracy

On Sunday, October 26, Ukraine will hold its first Rada (parliamentary) elections since the historic Maidan protest movement led to former President Yanukovych abandoning...
Family sitting at table eating (© AP Images)

President Trump’s Ramadan message

President Donald J. Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offer their best wishes to Muslims around the world upon the start of Ramadan.