Asked and answered: Pompeo responds to Iranians [video]

Practicing a bit of digital diplomacy, Secretary Pompeo answered questions from the people of Iran over social media.
Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan shaking hands with President-elect Muhammadu Buhari (© AP Images)

After an election, the losing side can play the most important...

In a strong democracy, the party that loses an election accepts its defeat, knowing the electoral system will afford it another chance next time.
Kennedy and Nixon speak before their presidential debate

First TV debate revolutionizes political campaigning…on this day

On September 26, 1960, television emerged as the decisive medium for voters trying to decide which presidential candidate to support. Then-Senator John F. Kennedy...
Juan Guaidó, Ivan Duque and Mike Pence holding hands (© Martin Mejia/AP Images)

Pence to Venezuelans: ‘We are with you 100 percent’

Vice President Pence met with Venezuela's interim President Guaidó in Colombia, where Pence announced additional humanitarian assistance for Venezuelans.

Why does Iowa vote first? And what is a caucus?

For such a small U.S. state, Iowa gets a lot of attention for being the first to hold contests, or caucuses, to determine presidential nominees.
Young people cheering with signs (© AP Images)

Young Americans may decide who wins the White House

The 2016 presidential election could hinge on whether young Americans show up to vote. Millennials already are making an impact through social media.
Convoy of trucks transporting humanitarian aid to Venezuela (© Fernando Vergara/AP Images)

U.S. delivers more humanitarian aid to Venezuelan border

Humanitarian aid from the United States is arriving at the Colombia-Venezuela border, awaiting distribution to needy Venezuelans.

As Africa votes, U.S. partnerships support democratic growth

In Africa, 2015 might become known as the year of elections; nearly half the continent’s population will vote in presidential and parliamentary elections.

Remembering those who sacrificed for Ukraine

The international community joined the Ukrainian people in remembering the second anniversary of Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity.