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Social media: Blessing or curse for office-seekers? [video]

Political campaigns have been all about controlling the message. Social media makes this very hard, yet for many people it's their primary source of news.
Woman in fancy dress and headscarf (Courtesy of Saba Ahmed)

Muslim Americans becoming more involved in U.S. politics

An effort to encourage more Muslim Americans to participate in the U.S. political process is underway in the United States.

Voting rights are a cornerstone of democracy

The civil rights movement may be an American story, but it continues to inspire democracy around the world. “We may be diplomats, but we should...
Students in Los Angeles access the Internetvideo

Who should control the Internet and why you should care

There’s a complicated battle brewing over who controls the Internet. And according to a leading expert, an Internet controlled by governments is not a...
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Frequently asked questions about U.S. political conventions

Learn about the history of national political conventions, follow a typical convention schedule, and get details on this year's conventions.
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For the press, elections are a test of accountability

A journalist's role in covering elections is to give you unbiased information; doing anything else is failing in their role as a watchdog.

Was this George Washington’s greatest legacy?

On February 4, 1789, George Washington was elected the first president of the United States. Washington knew his actions would establish precedents for his successors....
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Will queuing up to vote become a thing of the past?

Some U.S. states have relaxed their election rules on absentee voting, voting early or, in some cases, even allowing voting over the Internet.

Southeast Asian youth poised to shape the future

Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative fellows are “actively using their collective voices for ... a prosperous ASEAN region for the future.”