As Africa votes, U.S. partnerships support democratic growth

In Africa, 2015 might become known as the year of elections; nearly half the continent’s population will vote in presidential and parliamentary elections.
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U.S. grand juries: What are they?

If you have paid attention to recent U.S. news, you have heard the term “grand jury” in connection with the deaths of Michael Brown...
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World Press Freedom Day: Fact or Fiction [video]

Washington Post investigative journalist and fact-checker Glenn Kessler talks about the role fact-checking plays for government accountability.
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U.S. is ‘a force for good in the Middle East,’ Pompeo...

In a major address in Cairo, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reiterated the U.S. commitment to keep working with Middle East allies to eradicate ISIS and counter Iran.

Why does Iowa vote first? And what is a caucus?

For such a small U.S. state, Iowa gets a lot of attention for being the first to hold contests, or caucuses, to determine presidential nominees.
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Satire: The best way to expose corruption or injustice?

If you can find a way to entertain people as well as inform them about a serious issue, you may have a powerful tool for change at your disposal.

New rules. New police. New investigators. Ukraine is working hard to...

Investigators from Ukraine’s newly created National Anti-Corruption Bureau discuss how they plan to accelerate the pace of reform.

Is your election free and fair? Consider this …

How can you determine whether your election is free and fair? Here are some important questions to ask.
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Can you crank up participation rates for young voters?

In most countries there are enough young people to decide elections, yet they have the lowest voting rates. Here's how they can make big impacts locally.