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Influential people and the books that influenced them

Books can have a big impact on us and our lives. Here is a look at the books that have meant the most to five prominent people.
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U.S. and U.N. stand for universal human rights [video]

On December 10, 1948, the U.N. ratified the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document inspired by U.S. principles of democracy.
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Amid COVID-19, reporters still face persecution in China, Iran and Venezuela

In China, Iran and Venezuela, journalists risk imprisonment for reporting on COVID-19 and other subjects their governments consider sensitive.
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U.S.: ‘Venezuela can be prosperous again’

The United States is committed to working with Venezuela through its transition to democracy and seeing prosperity return.
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Beyond the pale: Iranian regime’s pattern of depravity

The unprovoked aggression of Iran's leaders spans decades. Learn more about some of the most violent acts of an outlaw regime.
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U.S. charges Maduro officials responsible for Venezuela blackouts

The Trump administration has indicted two former officials in Venezuela's electricity ministry on U.S. money-laundering charges.
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Assessing religious freedom worldwide: Shareable photos

The U.S. promotes religious freedom as a "moral imperative," Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says in a new report released August 15.
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Human rights hero shines light on Romani history

Activist Petre Florin Manole learned about himself growing up in Bucharest from a volume on the history of the Roma that he discovered in secondary school.
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China coerces Uyghur women into unwanted marriages

In China's Xinjiang province, many Uyghur women face an impossible choice: marry a Han Chinese man or face imprisonment in an internment camp.