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I paid a bribe and I’ll tell you about it online

Entrepreneurs and activists are using technology to fight corruption and graft, and the cultures that create it.
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4 ways you can hold officials accountable

Is your government transparent? Knowing what elected officials say, do and spend is vital to an open government. Here's how you can keep tabs on officials.
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Delete corruption from the palm of your hand [video]

Your country may not have the resources to monitor and enforce anti-corruption laws, but thanks to new technologies, you can help expose corruption.
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Stopping corruption might seem impossible. But there are simple ways to...

Every year, $3.5 trillion is paid in bribes or stolen by corrupt officials. Stopping graft might seem impossible. But there are simple ways to fight it.
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Here’s how police are held accountable in shooting incidents [video]

When a U.S. police officer is involved in a shooting, departments - often with civilian oversight - investigate to see if the officer should be prosecuted.
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3 police chiefs on race and policing

Three police chiefs in the U.S. address perceptions of law enforcement and how their departments are improving their communities.
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Who do you call when products don’t work?

When products are faulty and harmful, businesses issue a recall and work with government agencies to publicize the recall and how to get the product fixed.
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What does ice cream have to do with policing?

Through their community policing outreach effort, this police department is handing out ice cream. See how other cities are reducing crime in their streets.
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You can now message President Obama on Facebook

You can now send a note to President Obama on Facebook using the White House’s Messenger bot, the first of its kind for any government.