Hand holding cellphone aloft

Delete corruption from the palm of your hand [video]

Your country may not have the resources to monitor and enforce anti-corruption laws, but thanks to new technologies, you can help expose corruption.
Police officer holding child while man looks on (© AP Images)

The best cops show up when there is no trouble

Trust between the police and a community is essential. That's why these officers are participating in activities throughout the area they work in.

There’s a new public face for U.S. foreign policy

As the new State Department spokesman, John Kirby is the primary communicator of U.S. foreign policy. Much preparation goes into the daily press briefings.

Ukraine gets better as it fights corruption [video]

Ukraine is “changing for the better,” say three Ukrainian investigators in a video about the reforms taking place in their country.
Nicolás Maduro surrounded by military personnel (© Marcelo Garcia/Miraflores Presidential Press Office/AP Images)

Maduro’s constitutional crimes

Nicolás Maduro ignored the rule of law and violated the Venezuelan Constitution in fraudulent attempts to hold onto power.

Can you separate fact from fiction?

Whether online, on television or in newspapers, people are bombarded with messages. Media literacy starts with asking the right questions.
Close-up view of a hand using mobile news app Flipboard in a cafe

Make up your own mind. These mobile news apps can help.

Tracking the news where you live or in nations far away is a good way to hold your government accountable and to be an...

Forget a seat at the table. This reporter wants a seat...

April Ryan's move from the sixth row of the White House briefing room to the third symbolizes specialty media’s importance in the White House press corps.
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So you want to be a TV reporter … [video]

Get tips from award-winning news anchor Richard Lui to see if you have what it takes to be a broadcast journalist.