Michelle Obama tells girls to be the leaders of tomorrow

During a 2015 visit to Cambodia, first lady Michelle Obama urged female students to finish their education and become role models in their communities.
Young girl looking at large painting hanging on wall (© Ben Hines)

Marveling at Michelle Obama’s portrait, this girl captures hearts

A photo of Parker Curry, who is 2 years old, in front of a new portrait of Michelle Obama electrified social media and captured hearts around the globe.
Carli Lloyd kneeling on field, celebrating goal with teammates (© AP Images)

U.S. women a major force at the Olympics

For the second straight Olympics, women athletes outnumber men on the U.S. Olympic team, 292 to 262. Team USA will field the most women of any nation.

Tomorrow’s tech leaders look like this

Teenage girls from the Middle East and North Africa participate in Tech Girls, a State Department–sponsored program to teach girls about careers in STEM.
Large group of soldiers standing around woman (© University of Minnesota Libraries, Kautz Family YMCA Archives)

These African-American women helped in World War I

Learn about the African-American women who, during World War I and its aftermath, supported black American soldiers stationed in France.
Illustration of woman entering door marked with word "opportunity" (Library of Congress)

World War I propelled women into workforce and voting booths

World War I marked the beginning of a new era for American women, securing them the right to vote and opening up jobs previously reserved for men.
Woman holding Ukrainian flag in front of large crowd (© AP Images)

7 women who are shaping Ukraine’s future

Meet seven women who are playing a significant role in the transformation of Ukraine into a prosperous, democratic and forward-looking country.

5 ways to keep girls in school

Educating girls increases developing countries' income growth and results in health and security payoffs for them and their families.
Three young girls holding flags in front of wall holding cartoon (© Ben Curtis/AP Images)

‘Remarkable’ progress as U.S. marks World AIDS Day [infographics]

The U.S. has taken large strides to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS across the world. Learn more about how a government program is saving lives.