Win-win: Educating girls helps everyone

If girls can't get an education, they are not the only ones losing out, first lady Michelle Obama said, announcing new U.S.-U.K. programs to help.
Large group of soldiers standing around woman (© University of Minnesota Libraries, Kautz Family YMCA Archives)

These African-American women helped in World War I

Learn about the African-American women who, during World War I and its aftermath, supported black American soldiers stationed in France.

The Girl Effect Accelerator: Startups and mentors partner for positive change

The Girl Effect Accelerator seeks to mentor budding female entrepreneurs and help them present their ideas to potential investors.
Drawing of woman exiting taxicab, pedestrians in background (State Dept./Doug Thompson)

A drive for women’s empowerment

Hira Batool Rizvi co-founded She`Kab, Pakistan’s first shared taxi service for women, which provides safe, affordable and reliable transportation to work.

It’s time to end FGM/C

More than 125 million women and girls are living with the consequences of female genital mutilation/cutting, also known as FGM/C. Most were age 15...

Michelle Obama tells girls to be the leaders of tomorrow

During a 2015 visit to Cambodia, first lady Michelle Obama urged female students to finish their education and become role models in their communities.
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Women’s rights are human rights

International agreements have helped protect women's human rights, but in many countries women and girls are still denied basic freedoms.
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Violence against women and girls harms everyone

Violence against women and girls is a serious problem worldwide, but it is preventable through effective laws that protect them.
Close-up of Jared Leto with text '#HeForShe' (Courtesy photo)

Message to men: Standing up for women is your issue too

When “Harry Potter” star Emma Watson spoke at the United Nations to promote the #HeForShe campaign, her message to men and boys was simple....