It’s one of the U.S. military’s hardest tests. These women passed...

Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver spent eight grueling weeks in swamps, forests and mountains to become U.S. Army Rangers.

Peace Corps: What’s good for girls is good for boys

The greatest ally females have in the fight for gender equality is males. Learn how the Peace Corps is teaching boys around the world about gender issues.

10 reasons to invest in women and girls

Investing in women and girls improves a society and country — from health to the economy. Here are 10 reasons why leaders must make a smart investment.

Tomorrow’s tech leaders look like this

Teenage girls from the Middle East and North Africa participate in Tech Girls, a State Department–sponsored program to teach girls about careers in STEM.

Brains over beauty: This Miss America says being smart is cool...

The first Miss America of Indian descent, Nina Davuluri, is also the first Miss America to have earned a science degree.
Michelle Obama on screen speaking to audience of girls (© AP Images)

Michelle Obama champions girls’ education via Skype

Michelle Obama gathered 45 girls from Liberia and Morocco to the White House October 11 for a special event promoting girls' education.
Peggy Whitson in space suit (© AP Images)

U.S. astronaut sets record as oldest woman in space

NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson just became the oldest woman in space, adding to her long list of barrier-breaking records.
woman near signs

Will women enjoy equal economic opportunity?

The Beijing Platform for Action, developed at a 1995 United Nations conference, set an agenda for women’s empowerment and identified 12 critical areas of...

Win-win: Educating girls helps everyone

If girls can't get an education, they are not the only ones losing out, first lady Michelle Obama said, announcing new U.S.-U.K. programs to help.