What is a woman of courage?

“One of the highlights of my year,” said Michelle Obama.  “You only have to look around the room today to see how strong women...

Investing in Middle Eastern women to strengthen society

What’s a good way to strengthen a country’s economy? For starters, empower half the population. “It’s very simple: If women are able to thrive, societies...
Michelle Obama onstage at microphone, gesturing (© AP Images)

A Broadway performance from Michelle Obama and friends

First lady Michelle Obama went to Broadway on September 19 and tapped some big voices to help deliver her push to get girls educated across the world.
View from behind of woman sitting on bed, looking out window (© AP Images)

Domestic abuse harms whole communities

If there is no place to escape, victims of domestic violence must either submit or fight back, inviting further abuse. Shelters are a basic community need.

These women pull no punches

Yasmian Al-Sharshani, Carla Bustamante, Caroline Maher and Batoul Arnaout are working to change the face of sports in their countries.

Women journalists keep the news coming

The Beijing Platform for Action, developed at a 1995 United Nations conference, set an agenda for women’s empowerment and identified 12 critical areas of...

To combat gender violence, women have a natural ally: men

Most men agree that gender-based violence is wrong. But many also mistakenly think it is rare. In fact, most men “probably know and love women...