Group of people clapping and cheering (© AP Images)
Debbie Sterling (center) applauds with her team at GoldieBlox after seeing their television ad air during the broadcast of a Super Bowl football game. (© AP Images)

These successful business creators, whom President Obama named as Ambassadors for Global Entrepreneurship, have advice for all you upstarts around the world working to get your startup moving.

Break down any goal into small steps

Standing out from the competition can be a challenge for many entrepreneurs. Daymond John, founder of FUBU, an American apparel company, recommends surrounding yourself with like-minded people and creating a community of followers as a first step.

Find a partner to help you scale

Steve Case, who made the internet a part of everyday life with his company America Online, admits there were times he doubted whether the company would make it. But he stuck with his idea.

Believe in yourself

When Debbie Sterling saw how few women were in her engineering classes at Stanford University, she felt she had to do something. She launched GoldieBlox, a San Francisco–based startup that creates toys to get girls interested in engineering and technology.