50 states

Craggy canyon illuminated by the moon at dusk, with a deepening blue sky above (Shutterstock)

South Dakota: Mount Rushmore, prairie wildlife and Western heritage

South Dakota, named for the area’s Lakota and Dakota Sioux tribes, is known for its national parks, windswept prairies and 19th-century frontier history.
Memphis skyline at dusk reflecting in a marina's water (Thinkstock)

Tennessee: Civil War battlefields, music heritage and the Great Smoky Mountains

Tennessee's famous music scene includes country, soul and rock 'n' roll. Take a break from the city and breathe in fresh air from the Great Smoky Mountains.
Cars racing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Courtesy of Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

Indiana: Car racing, sports and farms

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states in all. Indiana is a Midwestern state known for farms, sports and car racing.
People in museum with large photos of people on wall (Courtesy of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Inc.)

Ohio: Rock ’n’ roll, twins and roller coasters

Visiting the United States? There are 50 states to see. Ohio is the birthplace of presidents, aviation and rock and roll.

Nebraska: Migratory birds, ancient fossils and Carhenge

In the midwestern state of Nebraska, you can find man-made and natural wonders, from Omaha's zoo and Carhenge to the annual crane migration.
Nature scene of Jekyll Island (Wikimedia Commons)

Georgia: All things Southern, CNN and movie sets

Where can you find a major news network, celebrated film stars and famous Southern hospitality? Around the historical sites and landscape of Georgia.

Utah: Red-rock canyons, ski resorts, dinosaurs and pioneer history

Utah offers unparalleled outdoor recreation — hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding and camping — as well as prehistoric sites and pioneer history.

Florida: Disney, Harry Potter and manatees

Florida's year-round warm climate makes it a popular destination. It is a perfect place for parks: Explore the Everglades or enjoy a theme park.

Oklahoma: American Indians, cowboys and buffalo

In Oklahoma, you can experience firsthand the life of the American cowboy and celebrate the heritage of the American Indian.