Windmills running on a farm in Germany (© Martin Meissner/AP)

Europe moves away from Russia’s oil and gas

EU countries were already moving toward renewable energy, but Russia's war against Ukraine accelerated that trend.
Cow grazing in field next to wind turbines (© Charlie Riedel/AP Images)

What has the U.S. done since COP26?

Learn more about what the United States has accomplished since the 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP26).
Smiling woman in field (© Farzana Tabassum/World Vision/Feed the Future)

World Food Day brings USAID action on food security

USAID is training farmers and taking other steps to increase food security worldwide, focusing on countries hard hit by the climate crisis.
Drone photo of truck applying light gray coating to city street (Courtesy of City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department)

Cooling cities with Smart Surface technology

Learn about a wide array of urban design technologies that can reduce cities' temperatures by 3 degrees Celsius.
Man pointing while standing near water generating panel with group of people in military uniforms (U.S. Air Force/David Ford)

Climate planning keeps U.S. military mission-ready

From exercises to shoring up infrastructure to be climate resilient, learn how the U.S. military is preparing for climate change.
Screenshot of man in farm vehicle in Farmcraft game (North American Scholastic Esports Federation)

Farmcraft: Teaching agriculture through esports

Students around the world are competing in the interactive video game Farmcraft and learning about farming in a changing environment.
Gray building partially built into open ground, with mountains in background (© Ramsay de Give/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Would you live in a sustainable house?

Learn how American architectural innovation is leading to sustainable housing and how the movement is growing around the world.
Men carrying beam (Courtesy of CCHRC)

Indigenous practices make housing sustainable in Alaska

The U.S. government is learning how to make climate-resilient housing from Native American tribal practices.
Aerial view of large field of solar panels (© Carolyn Cole/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images)

U.S. solar farms harvest clean energy — and jobs

The largest solar farm in the United States will begin construction soon in Indiana. Learn more about large-scale solar facilities here.