African Americans

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State Department’s historic plan to advance equity in U.S. foreign policy

Learn more about the Biden-Harris administration's efforts to ensure racial minorities and underserved communities are protected worldwide.
Black-and-white photo of Jackie Robinson swinging bat in baseball stadium (© AP Images)

Celebrate baseball great Jackie Robinson with this poster

On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson took his position at first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Seventy-five years later, his legacy lives on.
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Meet Oscar-winning jazz artist Jon Batiste [poster]

For Jazz Appreciation Month, learn about Jon Batiste, a young American jazz musician who has won numerous awards, including an Oscar in 2021.
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Jazz musicians advanced America’s civil rights

April is Jazz Appreciation Month. Listen to some of the music American jazz artists recorded before and during the civil rights movement.
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Meet Ketanji Brown Jackson, the next Supreme Court justice

Ketanji Brown Jackson is an experienced jurist who has sought to make criminal sentences just. Learn about the next Supreme Court justice.
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Next Supreme Court justice follows in footsteps of other female justices

The next Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, will join a growing group of female justices who influence American jurisprudence.
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Meet America’s Youth Poet Laureates

Since 2017, the National Youth Poet Laureate program has fostered rising young talent in the United States. Learn more here.
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Powerful women changing the world and championing disability rights

Meet five inspiring women from across the globe who are advocating for human rights and for just, inclusive societies.
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How an African protection from smallpox came to be used in...

A practice introduced to American colonists by an enslaved African has saved countless millions around the world from dying of smallpox.