American Muslims

Donald Trump talking to people at table (© Andrew Harnik/AP Images)

President Trump hosts iftar at the White House

On June 6, President Trump hosted an iftar at the White House, welcoming guests from many nations and embracing a tradition observed by previous U.S. presidents.
Close-up view of box of various pastries (Shatila)

Visit this oasis in Michigan for America’s ‘best baklava’

Riad Shatila never forgot the delicious pastries of his youth in Lebanon. Today the late Michigan baker's family still sells what's been called America's best baklava.
Naan pizza on white plate with tomatoes and spices around it (© American Halal Company)

A home for halal products in U.S. frozen foods aisles

A socially responsible halal food company launched by a Pakistani-born Muslim American has found success in the frozen food aisles of American supermarkets.
People distributing toys (Mary Knox Merrill/The Christian Science Monitor/Getty)

How American Muslims give back during Ramadan

Muslims typically make a special effort to increase their charitable activities throughout Ramadan. Learn about what some American Muslims are doing.
Date palm tree with clusters of fruit (Shutterstock)

The ‘perfect’ Ramadan food … grown in the USA

Muslims traditionally break their fast with a bowl of dates. If you're observing Ramadan in the U.S., it's a good bet those dates come from California.
Time-lapse photo of sun traversing the sky (© AP Images)

Across America, winter celebrations

Americans love a party, and winter offers several holidays for family and friends to meet and celebrate religious and cultural events.
Open book with blue artwork and decorated cover (Courtesy of Istanbul Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts)

‘The Art of the Qur’an’: Shedding light on Islamic traditions

Decorated Qurans have changed hands many times throughout history. Now they are on display along with the stories of these cultural manuscripts.
Rows of New York Police Department officers standing (© AP Images)

Good police departments are as diverse as the communities they serve

The first rule of good community policing is that officers must be part of the communities they serve, and having a representative force is key.
Runners crossing the finish line of a race (Courtesy of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association/Waleed Ahmad Khan)

Islam ‘is about serving people,’ says youth organizer

A Muslim youth group wanted to give back to their neighborhood so hosted a 5K run/walk in Washington to raise money for a local food bank.