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People bowing their heads on baseball field (© AP Images)

Annual baseball game brings Republicans, Democrats together

One day after a gunman fired shots at members of Congress practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, nearly 25,000 fans showed support.
Lacrosse player (© Shutterstock/James A. Boardman)

A Japanese sporting-goods firm scores in Texas

Japanese sports retailer QB Club Inc. has taken advantage of SelectUSA, a Commerce Department initiative, which encourages enterprises to invest in the U.S.
Man sitting on yellow bleacher seats holding basketball (State Dept./D.A. Peterson)

To get to a U.S. university, he worked on his jump...

For one athletic Japanese student, basketball was the ticket to study in the U.S. for free. Many sports offer full scholarships in the U.S.
Baseball park with crowded stands (© AP Images)

Baseball, America’s pastime, is more international than ever

Baseball is not just an American obsession. U.S. baseball teams have more international players on their rosters this season than ever before.
Man shooting basketball on court in arena (State Dept./Ralph Lauer)

Superfan from China matches his NBA idol’s record

Chinese basketball fan Shen Xu, trying to match the feat of his hero, Dirk Nowitzki, is invited to Dallas to score his 30,000th point in 100 days.
Young woman wearing baseball cap and hijab swinging at a ball with a bat (© AP Images)

Batter up! These women are bringing baseball to Gaza.

Baseball has grown in popularity in the Middle East. In Gaza, interest in baseball turned out to be stronger among girls than boys.
Man riding skateboard in air (© Neftalie Williams)

Flying high: Lessons from a professor of skateboarding

Neftalie Williams sees a skateboard not just as a method of exercise and expression, but as a tool to help transcend barriers of language or nationality.
Woman in hijab and hockey gear skating on ice rink (© Washington Post via Getty Images)

The hockey world is abuzz over the skills of a young...

Fatima Al Ali, a hockey-playing, hijab-wearing woman from Abu Dhabi with a wicked slapshot, got to live her dream and practice with the Washington Capitals.
Woman and man walking on sidewalk (© AP Images)

Boston Marathon bombing survivor conquers the Empire State Building

Boston Marathon bombing victim Roseann Sdoia, who lost a leg in the attack, climbed the Empire State Building in a charity race to help disabled athletes.