American Sports

Man without legs braced and positioned by machine for golfing (© AP Images)

An inventor finds inspiration as he overcomes his own challenges

Adaptive sports in the U.S. have morphed into an international movement through innovators who have overcome their own situations.
Close-up portrait of tennis star Serena Williams (© Rick Chapman)

Wanted: Portraits of top female athletes

Women in America excel at sports, but their images can be hard to find. The National Portrait Gallery is building up its collection showing female athletes.
Micro–wind turbines and solar panels lining the exterior walls at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia (© AP Images)

U.S. sports arenas go green, with the Philadelphia Eagles leading the...

The Philadelphia Eagles, along with many other sports teams in the U.S., are doing their part to protect the environment by going green in their stadiums.
Simone Manuel in pool (© AP Images)

In record swim, Simone Manuel makes history

She wasn't expected to win. But American swimmer Simone Manuel's victory will ripple far beyond lane three in Rio de Janeiro.
Portrait of Tamika Catchings holding basketball (© AP Images)

On the court, Tamika Catchings found an unlikely sixth sense

Tamika Catchings, basketball superstar, uses her differences as a sixth sense in basketball. She is preparing for her fourth Olympic Games.
Pat Summitt with basketball (@ AP Images)

Remembering a pioneer in women’s basketball

The late Pat Summitt was the most successful coach in U.S. college basketball history — man or woman — and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Fans cheering outside stadium (© AP Images)

Soccer fans celebrate Copa América’s 100th in U.S. [video]

GOAL! For the first time in its 100-year history, the Copa América tournament is being hosted on U.S. soil, and players are sharing their excitement.
Man running down barricaded street in race (© AP Images)

The runner known as Meb [video]

Mebrahtom "Meb" Keflezighi, the winner of the Boston and New York marathons, an Olympian, and a refugee, gives back as a mentor to young runners.
Surfer riding wave (© AP Images)

Surfers doing science in the breakers

Who needs a lab coat when you have a wet suit? These citizen scientists are helping collect oceanic data by using SmartFin technology when they surf.