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Black T-shirts with NBA team logos in rainbow colors (GLSEN)

Pro basketball teams show pride

During the National Basketball Association championship, players show off their skills on the court and their support for LGBTI rights.
Elderly man sitting in front of mural (© AP Images)

Remembering Tuskegee Airman, Olympian ‘Marvelous Mal’

The "larger than life" Olympian, veteran and sports ambassador is honored for his service and laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.
Profile shot of Muhammad Ali with open mouth (© AP Images)

Muhammad Ali’s voice for justice

Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) was not only a boxing champion, but also a man who fought for social justice and equality.
The Obamas, Raúl Castro and others overlooking people on baseball field (© AP Images)

Presidential sports visits around the world

President Obama is a big sports fan. Check out photos from memorable presidential sports visits, beginning with the latest in Cuba.
Player dribbling a ball down the court with opponent following her (© AP Images)

International students get a shot at fame during March Madness

The "March Madness" tournament is a tradition where college basketball teams compete for the championship. Take a look at this year's international stars.
View of men playing basketball in arena from behind the net (© AP Images)

Understanding March Madness

Americans call the college basketball championship "March Madness" for a good reason. Here's why.

American football: The new international sport?

The Super Bowl turns 50 as American football gains players and fans from around the world. Which NFL players weren't born in the U.S.?

Sports give international students a gateway to U.S. college life

Through sports programs at universities, athletes are able to compete and pursue their studies. Other students participate by watching their school's team.

Women’s March Madness creates basketball stars … and business executives

"This is March Madness — anything can happen," says Cierra Burdick, a forward on the Tennessee women's basketball team. The University of Tennessee’s Lady Volunteers are...