At ground zero for climate change, traditions and livelihoods hang in...

People across the Arctic are facing extreme weather, unpredictable hunting seasons, unstable ice and other effects of global warming. What can they do?

The Arctic is closer than you think

Changing conditions in the Arctic may seem remote to you. But new science says conditions up north may influence the weather you'll have next winter.
broken sea ice through fisheye lens

A crime against nature: The case of the disappearing ice

Arctic sea ice covered less of the northernmost waters in 2015 than at any time in more than 30 years, U.S. scientists say.

Say “no” to soot

Black soot produced by carbon-based fuels is falling on the Arctic Ocean, absorbing heat and accelerating melting. Arctic nations want to reduce soot.

Protect, respect, nurture ‘One Arctic’

The whole world must protect, respect and nurture the Arctic region. “One Arctic” is the guiding theme for U.S. leadership of the Arctic Council.
Green northern lights in sky over frozen Arctic waters.

The world looks north

The Arctic has enormous economic and environmental influence on the planet. So the world will be watching when the Arctic Council meets April 24–25.

More heat, less ice, and other things you should know about...

The news from the Arctic: It's getting warmer faster than most other places on the Earth. Arctic melting leads to ... more Arctic melting.

Less Arctic ice = less Arctic life

A range of Arctic animals is staring at a precarious future with the well-documented loss of sea ice at the top of the world.

The future won’t forgive us

As the clock ticks down to a major climate conference this December, the Obama administration is calling on leaders everywhere to prevent a “collective...