Man sitting in front of piano (© Brynn Anderson/AP Images)

The African diaspora thrives in the United States

In anticipation of the upcoming U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, learn about six notable Americans who have African ancestry.
DJ Kool Herc holding street sign reading 'Hip Hop Blvd' (© Steven Ferdman/Getty Images)

Hip-hop’s international influence

What are the history and origins of hip-hop? Learn more about the genre here and see how it has inspired artists around the world.
Mural of girl riding horse under the word "freedom" (© @superkant and @CyVisualsMiami for @StreetArtMankind)

Street mural exhibit in Houston aims to inspire

A collection of new murals in Houston draws attention to universal issues such as climate change and education.
Anna May Wong with fan in front of statue (© AP Images)

U.S. coin honors pioneering Asian American actress

Anna May Wong was Hollywood's first Chinese American movie star. Now she is the first Asian American to appear on U.S. currency.
Eight Benin bronze sculptures displayed on wall (State Dept.)

30 Benin bronzes returned to Nigeria

U.S. museums returned 30 bronze artifacts to Nigerian museum officials as part of an ethical return policy for cultural property.
Graphic featuring grid of faces (Courtesy of OneBeat)

2 exchange programs, 600 artists from over 60 countries

Two State Department programs — OneBeat and Center Stage — bring hundreds of artists from around the world together in the United States.
Woman standing with arms crossed under tree (Shawn Miller/Library of Congress)

Ada Limón begins her tenure as U.S. poet laureate

The U.S. poet laureate works to expand public appreciation of poetry. Ada Limón, a Mexican American poet, is particularly suited to the job.
Photographs at exhibit (Shawn Miller/Library of Congress)

Viewing 2 centuries of iconic American photos

The Library of Congress uses iconic and lesser-known photographs alike to tell America's story. Learn about some of those images.
Men playing chess outdoors (© Sarah L. Voisin/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Where do Americans play chess? Everywhere.

World Chess Day is July 20. Take a look at where Americans play chess and learn why the game is increasingly attracting children.