Asian Americans

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Outdoor adventure for all

New groups have formed to get more people from underrepresented backgrounds to participate in outdoor adventure sports. Learn about them.
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Title IX: Protecting equality in the U.S. for 50 years

What is Title IX and how does it apply to sectors beyond education and sports in the United States? Learn more here.
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Asian surnames become more prevalent in the United States

According to the U.S. census, the number of people with Asian surnames living in the United States is steadily growing.
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Triumphant Asian American athletes inspire tomorrow’s superstars

The inspiring performance of Asian American athletes in recent years is something we are "all jumping to hang onto," says one expert.
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U.S. Chinatown communities reimagine their future

Learn how small and large businesses in Chinatowns across the United States are revamping and revitalizing old neighborhood haunts.
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Meet America’s Youth Poet Laureates

Since 2017, the National Youth Poet Laureate program has fostered rising young talent in the United States. Learn more here.
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On editing: How this scholar built America’s go-to poetry collection

An English professor faced "poetry wars" as he chose English-language poems for an anthology. His strategy: an international lineup.
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At U.S.-based Holi events, dance takes center stage [video]

The festival of Holi is catching on in the U.S., and dance plays a large role, introducing Americans to an important part of Indian culture.
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U.S. athletes to watch at the 2022 Winter Paralympics [photo gallery]

The 2022 Winter Paralympics are just around the corner! Meet some of the U.S. athletes whose skills have put them on the world stage.