Two children playing soccer (Courtesy of Spirit of Soccer)

How soccer can save lives

April 4 is International Mine Awareness Day. Learn how teaching kids soccer can protect them from land mines.
Serena and Venus Williams holding tennis trophies (© Getty Images)

Legendary Williams sisters still redefining tennis at 30+

Tennis players Venus and Serena Williams have made their mark off the tennis courts too, inspiring young women to push for greatness.
Woman and man walking on sidewalk (© AP Images)

Boston Marathon bombing survivor conquers the Empire State Building

Boston Marathon bombing victim Roseann Sdoia, who lost a leg in the attack, climbed the Empire State Building in a charity race to help disabled athletes.
Blurred image of chefs in a kitchen (Shutterstock)

Inauguration weekend also means charitable donations

Washington restaurants are planning to donate part of their profits from the presidential inauguration to local charities that serve the community.
Runners crossing the finish line of a race (Courtesy of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association/Waleed Ahmad Khan)

Islam ‘is about serving people,’ says youth organizer

A Muslim youth group wanted to give back to their neighborhood so hosted a 5K run/walk in Washington to raise money for a local food bank.
People joining hands (Courtesy of EWB USA)

U.S. engineers and poor communities build bridges

Engineers Without Borders USA works on what the engineers call "low-tech, high-impact projects" in 42 countries, from latrines to water supplies to bridges.
Line of people unloading cases of water (© AP Images)

In Orlando, a community rallies — with support from all over

After the mass shooting at an Orlando nightclub, people from around the world showed their support for the LGBTI and Muslim communities.
Pile of U.S. $100 bills (© AP Images)

2015 was Americans’ most generous year ever

Americans gave $373.25 billion to charities and nonprofits in 2015, with a 17.4 percent rise in giving to international affairs organizations.
Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting in the forest with firefighters (Photo courtesy of "Years of Living Dangerously")

How to attract a celebrity to your cause

A celebrity endorsement raises awareness, setting your cause apart from others that compete for attention and donations. How do you sign up a celebrity?