Obama’s remarks at joint press conference with President Xi

The United States welcomes the rise of a China that is peaceful, stable and prosperous, and a responsible player in global affairs, President Obama says.

U.S. students say ‘Ni hao!’ to future success

American interest in learning to speak Chinese has surged in recent years as ties between the two countries have deepened.

What’s black and white and seen all over the world?

The birth of a panda cub at Washington's National Zoo has thrilled people. Pandas are endangered and the subject of international efforts to breed more.

The game-changing U.S.-China climate agreement [video]

Just months after agreeing to reduce carbon emissions, the United States and China are meeting in Washington with climate change at the top of the agenda.

On climate, largest economies have a special responsibility

Senior U.S. and Chinese officials are meeting June 23–24 for their seventh Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Climate change is expected to top the agenda.

South China Sea disputes need diplomatic solution

As China and Vietnam reclaim land among the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, U.S. leaders call for diplomacy and dialogue.

Photo exhibit documents U.S.-China alliance in World War II

Millions of Chinese have learned about their country's World War II military alliance with the United States through the "National Memories" photo exhibit.

Enhancing U.S.-China cooperation on energy and climate change

As the world’s largest economies and the largest greenhouse gas emitters, the U.S. and China have a leading role to play in addressing climate change.

We’re taking action on climate change  —  and the world is...

The U.S. and China, the world’s two largest economies  and biggest greenhouse gas emitters,  surprised the world with their plans to combat climate change.