clean air

The air was so dirty kids couldn’t play outside. Today, this...

Air quality in California cities improved through strong policies, technology and local collaborative action.

Stoves should not take food off the table

A recent study finds that pollutants have cut crop yields nearly in half in some areas. What can you do about it?

This is what dirty air does to your body

When we live in cities, we breathe dirty air, which is bad for us. It causes many diseases. But there are ways to stop the pollution.

Pollution solutions: Invest today for a payoff tomorrow

Countering ozone and black carbon pollution that damage crops will pay off big time, and fast.

Who needs gasoline? Hydrogen fuel-cell buses are the way to go...

Buses can contribute to urban smog, but thanks to new hydrogen fuel-cell technology they also might be the perfect vehicles to reduce air pollution.

Can smog-eating buildings save your city?

Tech innovations using titanium-dioxide coatings on buildings can reduce smog by transforming harmful pollutants into healthier stuff.

Can sister cities Chicago, New Delhi clear the air?

Sister cities Chicago and New Delhi have air pollution in common, and both are finding ways to improve the situation for better health — and jobs.

Once smog-shrouded, LA has improved its air quality

Over the past few decades, Los Angeles has learned techniques to improve air quality that could benefit other major cities around the world.

Need strategies to clear the air? Ask a megacity.

Big cities have big problems with pollution and are big laboratories for solutions. C40 Cities helps them collaborate on strategies.