clean air

Mexico City’s air quality challenge

Mexico City has had great successes in improving air quality, but keeping the air clean is still a big challenge, with growing population and industry.

Air pollution doubly damaging to children

A study finds that children exposed to a pollutant found in vehicle exhaust and power plant emissions are at a higher risk of developmental problems.

Breathe easy: Air-quality monitoring goes local

A new generation of inexpensive, portable devices that allow air quality monitoring to be more targeted is being tested in cities across the U.S.

Catch your breath … if you can

More than 230 million people worldwide know the breathing difficulty of asthma. Air pollution increases asthma, but treatment and prevention can help.

Capture the carbon, clean the air

New technologies suck CO2 from sources before it enters the atmosphere. The U.S. expands this technology to reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

Say “no” to soot

Black soot produced by carbon-based fuels is falling on the Arctic Ocean, absorbing heat and accelerating melting. Arctic nations want to reduce soot.

How do you like your air?

How do you know if you’re breathing clean air? Often you don’t, without access to air quality data. Years ago, U.S. environmental researchers figured out...