clean energy

The greening of the bottom line

More companies are introducing sustainable practices into their manufacturing processes and products, helping the environment and improving profitability.

Capture the carbon, clean the air

New technologies suck CO2 from sources before it enters the atmosphere. The U.S. expands this technology to reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

We’re taking action on climate change  —  and the world is...

The U.S. and China, the world’s two largest economies  and biggest greenhouse gas emitters,  surprised the world with their plans to combat climate change.

The future won’t forgive us

As the clock ticks down to a major climate conference this December, the Obama administration is calling on leaders everywhere to prevent a “collective...

Obama calls climate change our biggest threat

In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Obama touched on a range of global challenges, but declared the environment his top concern. “No challenge...

U.S. homebuilders are capturing the sun

More than half a million U.S. homes and businesses have gone solar. Lower installation costs and growing government incentives have made it easier and...

Check out these 3 innovative solutions from young energy companies

New approaches to harvesting energy are taking shape. Three ingenious projects give you a taste of what the energy future might look like. The sky...
Taxis in flooded parking lot (AP Images)

President Obama needs your help fighting climate change [video]

We are the last generation that can do something about climate change, President Obama says. Learn what you can do to help.
Drivetrain of vehicle powered by alternative fuel (AP Images)

Alternative-fuel vehicles are the heroes of this odyssey…on this day

What could be better than powering your car with the most abundant element on the planet? What if that resource also produced much less...