Climate Change

Breathe easy: Air-quality monitoring goes local

A new generation of inexpensive, portable devices that allow air quality monitoring to be more targeted is being tested in cities across the U.S.

Want more clean energy? 5 reasons to add water power

Generating electric power from flowing water is a non-polluting energy source. Learn five ways water power supports a clean-energy economy.

Catch your breath … if you can

More than 230 million people worldwide know the breathing difficulty of asthma. Air pollution increases asthma, but treatment and prevention can help.

When it comes to energy, countries should mix it up

A country that diversifies its energy mix insulates itself from energy disruptions and strengthens its energy security.

Capture the carbon, clean the air

New technologies suck CO2 from sources before it enters the atmosphere. The U.S. expands this technology to reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

Say “no” to soot

Black soot produced by carbon-based fuels is falling on the Arctic Ocean, absorbing heat and accelerating melting. Arctic nations want to reduce soot.

Protect, respect, nurture ‘One Arctic’

The whole world must protect, respect and nurture the Arctic region. “One Arctic” is the guiding theme for U.S. leadership of the Arctic Council.
alligator crossing road, tourists in background

Protect a park. Save the planet.

President Obama wants to protect landscapes and people from the consequences of climate change. He'll do that by preserving natural spaces.

Why businesses are getting off the grid

More firms are investing in solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable-energy equipment to bring down energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.